Thursday, July 29, 2010

Professor Plum in the Office with the Almonds

I had a conference call right at 9AM this morning so I packed breakfast last night to go. The old standby. Plain 0% Chobani mixed with Bob's Red Mill Muesli and topped with a heaping pile of blueberries. Unfortunately by the time I remembered to take a picture it looked like this:

I was hungry and gobbled it right up at the start of the phone call that I just wasn't thinking! Well it's not like a picture of it hasn't been on here a bunch of times already. As usual I had a cup of coffee with Truvia and a splash of skim milk.

Today marks the point where I have exactly one week left at NuVal. I really can't believe I've been there 11 weeks already. Time sure flies. I've been working on a NuVal bingo game for a little while and today I spent hours tediously fixing it up. I swear my face was mushed up against the computer screen making sure things were lined up correctly and were the same sizes LOL. It was still a good day though. Full of laughs that is for sure ;)

Lunch was an experiment. I love trying new recipes but sometimes they just don't turn out great. I'm sure that happens to you to right? Well I tried making this Quinoa with Mango except the mango was way too ripe and was complete mush. I mixed it in anyway along with cucumber and a bunch of spices. I was expecting something really tasty but when I ate it, it was actually quite bland.  Oh well - you win some you lose some. I also had some leftover broccoli with feta on the side.

Before I left I snacked on Professor Plum. :) and some almonds.

I have no idea what I did with the rest of the afternoon/evening. I don't think I accomplished anything....Weird.

Dinner was rice and beans again but I didn't want to have the same thing I just had the other day so I modifed what was already there (*Note- my boyfriend's mom usually makes dinner, but I do like to make my own sometimes) So I took the salmon and beans she had made and threw them into a whole wheat tortilla with some cheese. Voila a quesadilla. I also chopped up some tomato and onion with some cilantro to top it with. It was a super filling din din.

I am so ready for the weekend!

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  1. I hear ya--tgif! And your plum snackski looks delish--I've been noming on peaches lately but this makes me want to grab plums!