Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No luck in the food department

I'm having the worst day with food. That and I'm crampy. Boo.

Actually ate breakfast at the house this morning for once. The usual 6 oz nonfat Chobani (used vanilla this time since I didn't get my plain!) mixed with 1/4 Bob's Red Mill Muesli and topped with 1/2 cup frozen blueberries again.

Surprisingly there was no traffic this morning. I think everyone is taking the whole week off for vacation or something. I ended up getting to work like 15 minutes early instead of 9 on the dot. I enjoyed a cup of coffee with a splash of skim milk and Truvia when I got there.  I got a lot of work done on our retailer toolkits. I'm very excited about my involvement with them :) I don't know what I was thinking when putting together my lunch last night but it was like only veggies. I had the leftover pre-mixed salad which I added red leaf lettuce, some goat cheese, and almonds. I ate about 3/4 of it because the iceberg lettuce was already brown and gross. I'm not really a fan of pre-mixed salad. They don't last very long. Anyway I also packed leftover broccoli with some bell pepper strips. I ate all the bell pepper but only a bite of broccoli. Wasn't it the mood for it I guess. Lastly I tried my carrot and it was tasty with some garlic hummus. At least one of my options turned out good.

Then it was more work..........Afternoon snack was a peach. Except that it wasn't ready yet. Hard as a rock. So really my afternoon snack wasn't a peach at all, but I did have a spare granny smith apple so in fact - my afternoon snack was an apple. Like I said I'm not really having any luck with my food today. Having a birthday party later for my boyfriend's youngest sister so I'm going to try to get some more stuff done before then.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summertime and I'm doing homework

Seriously who even came up with the notion of having summer classes? Ridiculous. Anyway, before dinner I managed to finish 1 of 2 assignments I had to do tonight. Yay for that I guess.  Dinner was a pre-made bagged salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar and a bowl of whole wheat spaghetti with pesto, a sprinkle of cheese, and a sprinkle of crushed almonds.

Then it was back to homework. Only a 1 page essay this time, no big deal. I really dislike having to do homework in the summer but by next summer I shouldn't ever have to deal with it again! I celebrated my crowning victory over the essay with about a cup of watermelon. Yeah I just left it in the container it was in, I didn't want to bother dirtying another dish!

Afterwards it was pretty late so I just did some Wii Fit yoga and hit the shower.

Oh yeah and I have one more thing to complain about: stinkin Peapod was out of stock of plain nonfat Chobani's! I don't really like the sweetened yogurts anymore because they are TOO sweet and I add my own fillings anyway (muesli + fresh fruit). So I am very much annoyed by this. Alright, heading to bed with a magazine. Goodnight.

A Day in the Life

First off, late night snack last night of a granny smith apple with a scoop of Teddie smooth unsalted peanut butter. No pic though!

I had pre-packed breakfast to go last night so I slept in til 8 this morning. Once at NuVal I busted into my plain nonfat Chobani (NuVal score of 94) mixed with 1/4 cup Bob's Red Mill Muesli (NuVal score of 87) and topped with about a 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries (NuVal score of 100!) What a breakfast right? I have it most mornings and absolutely love it (though I usually use fresh berries - we were completely out today!) I also brewed a cup of french vanilla coffee at work and threw in a splash of skim milk (91) and Truvia.

I'll give a quick overview of how my day went today. One of my projects for the summer is to go through some blogs of registered dietitian and draft comments and links for our NuVal blogs and the NuVal site ( I go threw about 45 different blogs, once or twice a week. I love reading blogs though so this doesn't feel like work at all. Today I also had a conference call with my boss, Annette Maggi. She's the senior director of nutrition for NuVal - her blog is Another project that I'm helping with is developing "toolkits" for our retailers. We are currently developing one directed towards kids, one for healthy grocery shopping, and one for mealtime solutions.  I am so lucky to be involved in all of these great projects at NuVal. It really is such a great internship :)

Lunch while I was at work was a salad (red leaf lettuce, spinach, ginger sesame carrots) with a leftover black bean bulgur burger. I had also brought a baggie of bell pepper slices but for some reason they had gotten all slimy. Don't worry I saved them for later - no wasting good veggies!

When I got home mid-to-late afternoon I diced up the bell peppers into little pieces, mixed it up with the leftover tomato and onion mixture from my stuffed mushrooms and sauteed it up. I threw that over a scrambled egg (+2 whites) in basically an open omelet. I didn't put enough spray so my eggs kind of stuff to the pan!

I also did some gardening - well I watered it and picked a couple things to check how they were doing. My garden doesn't seem to be doing too well. I picked the spinach and ate it a few weeks ago but everything else just hasn't seemed to grow. As you can see from my red onion and my carrot.

Monday, June 28, 2010

It has been 148 days...

....since I last played Wii Fit. That's so sad! Considering the heat, I decided on doing some balance games and yoga on my Wii Fit tonight. I spent about 40 minutes on it and was still a sweaty mess. I miss central air right about now....

For dinner I made portobello mushrooms stuffed with diced tomatoes and onions, basil and oregano, and topped with a little fresh mozzarella.  However they ended up being like appetizer size AND I only had one.

So considering the peapod order is being delivered tomorrow and we are low on food, I opted for a non-dinner like option. A container of plain nonfat Chobani with cinnamon mixed in and a little bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest. They are little cinnamon mini-wheats!

It wasn't a very colorful option but it was tasty! Back to work at NuVal tomorrow

Second Chances

Alright so it's been over a month since my last post. Obviously by posting this now you can see that I'm giving blogging another shot. I think I just didn't give it enough time before so here's for second chances.

It is boiling hot in Boston today. I'm hoping it will cool off towards the evening so then I will shoot outside for a workout; I just can't handle the heat. I'm not big with temperature extremes. I hate being freezing in the winter and I hate boiling in the summer. Why can't every day just be sunny 75 with a slight warm breeze?

One of my summer classes officially ended today - Advanced Topics in Preventive Nutrition. I gave a presentation last week on chocolate and cardiovascular disease. Summary statement: Dark chocolate reduces blood pressure!  My other class - Global Health Promotion - goes until the beginning of August.....

My internship at NuVal is going well. I really enjoy it there and will post more about it later. I've been there 5 weeks and have 7 more left.

I slept in today of course. I had some black beans in the fridge from last week so I used them to whip up some Black Bean Bulgur Burgers again. Very yummy and a great vegetarian option (I live with 3 vegetarians). I had one on top of a bed of red leaf lettuce with some broccoli on the side for lunch. And I also had a splash of cranberry juice with water and one of the mini lemon cookies that were laying around LOL.

We had half a watermelon and cantaloupe in the fridge still so I cut them up and put them in containers for everyone to eat. I noticed that nobody will eat things unless they are easy/ already prepared. Considering I have the time and love to prepare different foods I take in upon myself usually. I had a bowl along with a sliced kiwi later in the afternoon.

I'm off to read the new issue of Shape in front of a fan. Weather alert shows a thunderstorm watch until 9 pm. We'll see about that. I hope it does rain though because it cools off significantly afterwards.