Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No luck in the food department

I'm having the worst day with food. That and I'm crampy. Boo.

Actually ate breakfast at the house this morning for once. The usual 6 oz nonfat Chobani (used vanilla this time since I didn't get my plain!) mixed with 1/4 Bob's Red Mill Muesli and topped with 1/2 cup frozen blueberries again.

Surprisingly there was no traffic this morning. I think everyone is taking the whole week off for vacation or something. I ended up getting to work like 15 minutes early instead of 9 on the dot. I enjoyed a cup of coffee with a splash of skim milk and Truvia when I got there.  I got a lot of work done on our retailer toolkits. I'm very excited about my involvement with them :) I don't know what I was thinking when putting together my lunch last night but it was like only veggies. I had the leftover pre-mixed salad which I added red leaf lettuce, some goat cheese, and almonds. I ate about 3/4 of it because the iceberg lettuce was already brown and gross. I'm not really a fan of pre-mixed salad. They don't last very long. Anyway I also packed leftover broccoli with some bell pepper strips. I ate all the bell pepper but only a bite of broccoli. Wasn't it the mood for it I guess. Lastly I tried my carrot and it was tasty with some garlic hummus. At least one of my options turned out good.

Then it was more work..........Afternoon snack was a peach. Except that it wasn't ready yet. Hard as a rock. So really my afternoon snack wasn't a peach at all, but I did have a spare granny smith apple so in fact - my afternoon snack was an apple. Like I said I'm not really having any luck with my food today. Having a birthday party later for my boyfriend's youngest sister so I'm going to try to get some more stuff done before then.

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