Monday, June 28, 2010

Second Chances

Alright so it's been over a month since my last post. Obviously by posting this now you can see that I'm giving blogging another shot. I think I just didn't give it enough time before so here's for second chances.

It is boiling hot in Boston today. I'm hoping it will cool off towards the evening so then I will shoot outside for a workout; I just can't handle the heat. I'm not big with temperature extremes. I hate being freezing in the winter and I hate boiling in the summer. Why can't every day just be sunny 75 with a slight warm breeze?

One of my summer classes officially ended today - Advanced Topics in Preventive Nutrition. I gave a presentation last week on chocolate and cardiovascular disease. Summary statement: Dark chocolate reduces blood pressure!  My other class - Global Health Promotion - goes until the beginning of August.....

My internship at NuVal is going well. I really enjoy it there and will post more about it later. I've been there 5 weeks and have 7 more left.

I slept in today of course. I had some black beans in the fridge from last week so I used them to whip up some Black Bean Bulgur Burgers again. Very yummy and a great vegetarian option (I live with 3 vegetarians). I had one on top of a bed of red leaf lettuce with some broccoli on the side for lunch. And I also had a splash of cranberry juice with water and one of the mini lemon cookies that were laying around LOL.

We had half a watermelon and cantaloupe in the fridge still so I cut them up and put them in containers for everyone to eat. I noticed that nobody will eat things unless they are easy/ already prepared. Considering I have the time and love to prepare different foods I take in upon myself usually. I had a bowl along with a sliced kiwi later in the afternoon.

I'm off to read the new issue of Shape in front of a fan. Weather alert shows a thunderstorm watch until 9 pm. We'll see about that. I hope it does rain though because it cools off significantly afterwards.

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