Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day in the Life

First off, late night snack last night of a granny smith apple with a scoop of Teddie smooth unsalted peanut butter. No pic though!

I had pre-packed breakfast to go last night so I slept in til 8 this morning. Once at NuVal I busted into my plain nonfat Chobani (NuVal score of 94) mixed with 1/4 cup Bob's Red Mill Muesli (NuVal score of 87) and topped with about a 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries (NuVal score of 100!) What a breakfast right? I have it most mornings and absolutely love it (though I usually use fresh berries - we were completely out today!) I also brewed a cup of french vanilla coffee at work and threw in a splash of skim milk (91) and Truvia.

I'll give a quick overview of how my day went today. One of my projects for the summer is to go through some blogs of registered dietitian and draft comments and links for our NuVal blogs and the NuVal site (www.nuval.com). I go threw about 45 different blogs, once or twice a week. I love reading blogs though so this doesn't feel like work at all. Today I also had a conference call with my boss, Annette Maggi. She's the senior director of nutrition for NuVal - her blog is www.nutritionoutlook.com. Another project that I'm helping with is developing "toolkits" for our retailers. We are currently developing one directed towards kids, one for healthy grocery shopping, and one for mealtime solutions.  I am so lucky to be involved in all of these great projects at NuVal. It really is such a great internship :)

Lunch while I was at work was a salad (red leaf lettuce, spinach, ginger sesame carrots) with a leftover black bean bulgur burger. I had also brought a baggie of bell pepper slices but for some reason they had gotten all slimy. Don't worry I saved them for later - no wasting good veggies!

When I got home mid-to-late afternoon I diced up the bell peppers into little pieces, mixed it up with the leftover tomato and onion mixture from my stuffed mushrooms and sauteed it up. I threw that over a scrambled egg (+2 whites) in basically an open omelet. I didn't put enough spray so my eggs kind of stuff to the pan!

I also did some gardening - well I watered it and picked a couple things to check how they were doing. My garden doesn't seem to be doing too well. I picked the spinach and ate it a few weeks ago but everything else just hasn't seemed to grow. As you can see from my red onion and my carrot.

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