From the Beginning

I don't have some sort of amazing weight loss story to share with you. I went through a period of "baby fat" as my mom would call it from about 4th grade to 6th grade but then I started getting into school sports and naturally fell into eating better so that along with a growth spurt resulted in a healthier body. So instead I've decided to share some of my life in pictures.

Welcome to the World
Pretending to be Mary Poppins?
Girl Scouts ("baby fat" stage)
Fishing w/ Dad
8th grade graduation w/ Mom
Homecoming 2002
Goofing around at the tennis semifinals (2003?)
Playing tennis - first singles 10th-12th grade!
Tennis tournament in Hawaii 2004 w/ my brother Mike
Raf and I first started dating 2005
Met Christian Slater in London 2006
Puerto Rico 2008 w/ my AXiD girls
Raf and I 2008 (the most tan I've ever been!)
My bestie Eva's 21st bday 2008
Graduation from WPI 2009
Photoshoot w/ my SIL 2010

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