Thursday, July 8, 2010

My first flat (and I'm not talking about a British apartment)

Today was the basically the day from H-E-double hockey sticks.  First thing in the morning, I stabbed myself in the finger with staple remover at the bottom of my desk drawer. Yowza. But it gets much worse.

Breakfast was the usual 3/4 cup plain 0% Chobani mixed 1/4 cup Bob's Red Mill Muesli and topped with a large handful of strawberries.  Everything looks so unappealing in my to-go containers as you will continue to see. I also had hazelnut coffee with skim milk and Truvia.

I worked all day pretty productively except for about an hour time frame where Microsoft Word was not my friend and went bazerk. I lost everything I had been working on during that hour and had to start over! That was point two of my horrible day.  Lunch was point three. I started out with a small salad of spinach, carrot, cucumber, and goat cheese. That part was good.  I had also brought my leftovers from G'Vanni's which didn't turn out so good. I don't know why I bother with leftovers anymore.  The only time it ever tastes good is when it's pizza. So I only ate about 2 bites and threw it away because I couldn't stand it. I ended up making another cup of coffee instead.

When I got home I was very hungry and knew I had a 3 hour drive ahead of me so I had a piece of fresh mulitgrain bread from the bakery nearby topped with Teddie unsalted smooth peanut butter and a few raisins. That hit the spot.

Now for the worst possible thing to happen. I hadn't even made it up one exit on I-95 when I got a flat tire! I have never had a flat tire before.  It was a lot less scary and a lot more annoying than I thought it would be. I pulled off the exit and into a parking lot right away, called AAA, and waited. I ended up getting towed to Sears and had to get a new tire. My 3 hour trip turns into almost 6.5 hours! It was horrible. Plus I had Misty with me and she was not happy being in the carrier that long.  She ended up peeing in it :( I ended up getting home at 11 which just happens to be when my homework assignment was due. To make matters worse I only finished half of it last night so I still had to finish it and submit it late. I was absolutely starving since I really didn't end up having much to eat today. I ended up having tuna salad (1 packet chunk light tuna mixed with 2 diced celery sticks and about a tbsp of miracle whip) on top of a sandwich thin with some spinach and a glass of skim milk.

Like a said - today was an absolute disaster.....I'm going to bed finally.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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