Friday, July 2, 2010

Shop Shop Shop Til You Drop

First off, a big Happy Birthday shout out to my mommy today :)

Today got off to a late start, of course considering the 4 day weekend. I made whole wheat - oatmeal pancakes for my boyfriend and myself. Yum yum. They turned out much better than last time I tried them because I realized you have to soak the oats for a little while first. Duh. I had 2 with a drizzle of maple syrup, a sprinkle of crushed walnuts, and a heaping of slices strawberries. Here's my meal with all the fixings.

 Mid afternoon we headed to the mall so I could find a dress for a wedding I'm attending next weekend (my boyfriend will be in the Grand Canyon with his grandpa so I'll be solo for the evening!). Before we left I snacked on a peach to hold me over. This time it was actually ready to be eaten.

 I didn't have to look too long before I found a good one. It's a simple LBD but I think it is perfect - and the best thing is that I actually look like an adult in it.  I have the tendency to still look like a teenager in most things so it was nice to find this dress. I plan on wearing my leopard print heels from ALDO and it will be just right :)  While we were there my bf got a milkshake of which I took a sip of course (had to make sure it wasn't poisoned ya know?)

When I got home I was starving so I made a really huge, really necessary salad with spinach, red leaf lettuce, cucumber, and carrot. For "dressing", I mixed a couple tablespoons plain nonfat Chobani with dill. Then I had a slice of leftover grilled chicken, pepper, and onion pizza.

 I ended my night with over an hour of Wii Fit yoga, strength, and aerobics exercises. I should have grown up in the 80's because I love step aerobics haha.

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