Thursday, July 8, 2010

Prunus armeniaca

I'm so mentally exhausted after all the editing and formatting work I did today.

My morning started off with 2 sliced apricots (aka Prunus armeniaca), a cup of coffee with skim milk and Truvia, and eggs (1 egg + 2 whites, plus a sprinkling of herbed feta) on top of a sandwich thin. I haven't had eggs in a while so I decided to have something different. AND my mug is color changing! Normally it is red and when it gets hot it turns yellow. fun fun!

I worked on my computer all day with a couple small breaks in between.  After this post I'm shutting it off for a good long while. I decided I wanted flavored water while I worked so I found a packet of Mandarin and Mango flavored green tea mix and a funky water bottle.  I only put half of the packet of tea in because I don't like when it's flavored too strongly.

Lunch started off with a small chopped up salad of 2 celery sticks, 2 radishes, and a handful of shredded carrots with a side of yogurt based dressing.  It was shopping day and I was lucky because my mom came home with groceries while I was eating my salad. Since I had a bunch of new things to work with I made a wrap with a low-carb wheat tortilla, a wedge of laughing cow, 4 small slices deli turkey, spinach, and red bell pepper. It was super yummy.

And my kitty always makes me laugh. Misty loves to drink running water.  So she has trained us to turn the sink on for her. Yes she trained us! Here she is - (hilarious right?)

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