Sunday, July 11, 2010

I must be old if my friends are getting married

Yesterday was a busy day. When I come home to NY I try to fit in as much visiting as possible so it gets like that. My morning started off with a filling plate of 2 leftover banana walnut pancakes topped with a scoop of plain 0% Chobani, a drizzle of honey, and a handful of blueberries. I also had some coffee but I barely drank any.

Then it was time to get myself ready for Tiffany's wedding.  I was originally planning to rent a dress from Rent The Runway but being a poor college student I couldn't bring myself to spend money on a dress I couldn't keep. So I ended up getting a dress at Macy's that is a simple LBD and I felt great that I could wear it a bunch more times. The wedding was early afternoon so before I left I had a small lunch of a leftover slice of pizza and a bowl of grapes and an apricot.

It was hard for me to get pictures of people walking in during the wedding because every picture came out blurry. I got some nice ones afterwards. Congrats Tiffany and Sheldon!

The wedding party

Tiffany (the bride), Masha, Jenna, and myself (high school friends!)

Tiff and I

I was at the reception for a little while but missed out on the food because I had another committment - a family bbq. So I headed up with my parents to my sister-in-law's parents house.  We had a great time. Lots of family and food and drinks! I had some cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, carrots, and I tried a clam for the first time. Verdict is YUCK! I had a frozen margarita followed by water for the rest of the evening. For dinner I had a burger with ketchup (no bun), salad, mac n' cheese, and 1/2 a pickle. Dessert was some ice cream cake, tiramisu, and brownie (I ate about half of what is pictured so I could get a taste of everything).

I also got a great shot of my adorable nephew Charlie and one with both of my great sister-in-laws, Gina and Nicole! We didn't intentionally all wear black but it worked out well :)

I was totally exhausted by the end of the night and didn't have the energy to blog last night so I just passed out. What a great day though!

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