Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't eat like me today

I am so forgetful sometimes.  This morning I took my lunch out of the fridge (I pack it every night before bed) and then I forgot to bring it with me! So not only did I not have a lunch for today but it's going bad being out of the fridge. Ugh. Plus I couldn't wake up this morning and had breakfast on the run again. Oh the breakfast of champions - a Kashi Pumpkin Flax crunchy granola bar and a string cheese...........

At work I started off with a cup of tea - pina colada flavored. It was good, but not great. Then I had my usual cup of coffee with Truvia and skim milk. I loaded it up with skim milk. There was probably a good half cup of milk to 1 cup of coffee ratio.  Then my "lunch" was 15 almonds. My snack was another 15 almonds. I just wanted to space them out since that's all I had in my desk and I really didn't want to trek down to Dunkin Donuts to spend more money on overly salted food. I could hold out for the day, but again I say "dont eat like me today!"

The day has actually gone by pretty fast for me. I've gotten a lot of work done and I have great news! I'm going to have a guest post at preventionRD.com! I'm so excited.  Even though I'm not doing it for work, I'm still writing the post about NuVal because I think it's a great thing to tell people about. Be on the lookout sometime next week. :)

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  1. omg you poor thing forgetting your lunch!! hope you have a good dinner!!