Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting things done

Well I didn't bring a snack to work today so by the time I got home late this afternoon I was very hungry. I cleaned up 3 carrots and ate them with garlic hummus.

My task before dinner was to clean out all my magazines. I read them as soon as they come in but then I usually stockpile them for a while.  Then I go through each one again and tear out recipes and workouts. I don't use them very much but I'm obsessive about ripping them out and putting them in a binder. Every once and a while I do get around to them and then I'm glad that they are there. I should keep the binders out in the open more though so maybe I would be more inclined to use them. I probably went through about 8 - a couple months worth of Self, Fitness, and Health.  Afterwards I ventured upstairs for dinner which consisted of a side salad (similar to lunch: spinach, red leaf lettuce, cucumber, carrot, goat cheese, walnuts, balsamic vinegar) followed by a couple ounces of haddock, some brown rice, and black beans.

After dinner I took a nice 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. It was about 1.7 miles total. I came back and did another 30 minutes of Wii Fit yoga. I'm really enjoying that.  Breakfast and Lunch are packed for tomorrow. I've got a homework assignment that needs to be started. Goodnight.

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