Monday, July 19, 2010

Re-formatting and the like

I've done some updates to my page, you like? My blog kept distracting me from my homework today which isn't such a good thing but I couldn't help myself. How do you like my LOL Cat? I always have to giggle at those. I love everything and anything cat, I really do. And I miss mine. I left her in NY since she kept trying to escape outside to the dangerous streets of Boston. I won't be bringing her back until September *sad face* But I will be staying at home in NY for 2 weeks in August so yay for that.

My day started off with sleeping in even though I didn't want to. Brunch was 2 eggs and a mini whole wheat bagel topped with strawberry jam + fiber and Maranatha almond butter.

Throughout the afternoon, between homework and blog stuff I had a bowl of watermelon and a big bowl of popcorn sprayed with olive oil and sprinkled with cinnamon.

In the mail today I received my Misto olive oil sprayer (verdict: love it!) and a bag of Navitas Naturals Chia Seeds. I plan on trying the Chia Quick Bread recipe seen here that my boss Rachel came up with.

Dinner was pretty late. I had made up black bean & corn salsa this afternoon because we are out of both tomatoes and avocado. I used what we had - black beans, frozen corn, onions, lemon juice, and cilantro.  We really need some groceries because we are pretty much out of fruit and veggies. Not a good thing at all.  So I put some homemade salsa and shredded cheese in a whole wheat tortilla and threw it on the george foreman. On the side I had just a touch of regular salsa. I had some bad lighting in the kitchen tonight I guess.

I hear the grumbles of some serious thunder! I'm off to do some yoga before bed. Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Hi Christina! I'm glad we found each other's blogs!

    I completely understand the "blog distracting me from homework" dilemma! It happens to me WAY to often. However, in your case I think today it was worth it, because I love your blog's new format (I never saw the old one, but the current colors and layout are fun and perky). :)

    Yummy eats, especially that bagel with almond butter. mmm.