Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy birthday mom - now let me check out what I bought you

My mom's birthday present finally came in the mail today even though here birthday was a week ago. I ordered her the Slimware plates with the lily pad design (her current dinnerware set is green so I thought it would match best.) This is what it looks like and how it is designed.

You put your veggies on the biggest part, carbs on the medium, and protein on the smallest.  For healthier proteins (like fish) there is an extender part - see that little flower?  They seem pretty nice and much more attractive than other portion control plates. The only bad thing is that you can't put them in the microwave! I have a serious issue with that because I'm a slow eater and usually end up having to reheat my food halfway through dinner.

For dinner my mom tried out this new grilling plank she got. She made salmon that had been marinated and she also grilled up some zucchini because it is overflowing in my parents garden. They have so much they are giving it away! For our carb my mom made rice. She always buys those nasty salty flavored rice packages. Today she made "chicken" flavored rice because it was the only flavor left. However she also happened to have a little boil in a bag brown rice hidden in the pantry too so she made that to mix in. I just had plain brown rice thank you very much. I can't stand how salty those mixes are.

 I also discovered that real rice is much better than this boil in a bag variety.  Overall it was a really good dinner though. The salmon was perfect - must have been the plank grilling method.  After dinner I got my mom to go out for a walk with me.  I brought my pedometer to see how many steps her usual walk is.  It ended up being 5743 steps. Not too shabby.  When we got home, I relaxed with the new issue of Women's Health while my parents watched Brothers (I already saw it in theaters).  Ashley Greene, from Twilight, is on the cover this month and she looks fab. I was hungry for a snack later and threw together a 6oz container of plain 0% Chobani with cinnamon, a bunch of blueberries, and 10 cocoa roast almonds.

 Time for bed. I've got a mani/pedi appt with my bestie Kelly in the AM. I only get to see her every few months so I can't wait!

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