Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Welcome Home Prince Charming

So while I was in NY this weekend, my boyfriend was hiking the Grand Canyon! He was gone for a week actually and just came back yesterday :)

Breakfast was on the run. A Kashi TLC Honey 7 Grain crunchy granola bar and a string cheese, followed by a cup of coffee with Truvia and skim milk when I got to work. All unpictured in the rush I guess.

I finally met one of my bosses yesterday. She lives in Minnesota and works from out there but comes to the headquarters every once and a while. It was nice to get a chance to meet her before my internship is over because.......including this week I only have 4 weeks left! I'm so sad :( I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by.

Lunch was a disaster, as usual when I try to have leftovers. The second half of my wrap got all soggy but I still ate most of it anyway. I also had this cute container for my grapes! It's actually purple but kind of looks blue in the picture.

When I got home I was starving so I just made a slightly early dinner for myself....breakfast style. I scrambled 1 egg with 2 egg whites, garlic, spinach, and shredded cheese. Then I toasted a whole wheat sandwich thin and topped it with strawberry jam (Polamer with fiber!). It messed up me having dinner later on but I was just too hungry to wait.

I spent the night catching up with my boy. He got some awesome pictures on his trip. Then we swung over to Legacy Place to see Predators.  Before the movie we stopped in to the Whole Foods because I had yet to really check it out. Apparently it is the biggest one in New England! I picked up some bread and Maranatha Almond Butter to try out. I've heard good things! During the movie I snacked on a small cinnamon sugar pretzel (I love anything cinnamon sugary hehe) and split an orange soda.  I feel like I've been having soda a lot lately but it's probably because I've seen 2 movies in the past 3 weeks. Next time - no soda.

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