Friday, July 2, 2010

House of Pizza

So after some work today my bf and I grabbed a super late afternoon lunch. We decided to try out Roslindale's House of Pizza because we had errands to do nearby anyway. First of all, they were so slow. We were waiting for a half an hour and it felt like other people who came in after us still got their food before we did. The pizza was pretty good though. We ordered the New York style grilled chicken with onions and peppers. I had 1 and 3/4 slices along with a Mug root  beer. I'm a sucker for root beer, ever since I was a kid.

A little later we went for a bike ride on a trail near the house. In total it was about 4 miles - and very hilly! I'm planning on walking it eventually so I will take some pictures then. Afterwards I stretched it out with 30 minutes of Wii Fit yoga. Because I started out all my meals late, dinner was extremely late and I didn't want to have much. I ended up toasting a sandwich thin and putting Teddie Smooth Unsalted peanut butter on one half and strawberry fruit spread (real jam style not fake jelly stuff, ya know?) I forgot to take a pic though so you will just have to imagine the deliciousness of it.

Off to bed. Goodnight!

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