Sunday, July 18, 2010

Snacky McSnackerson

Yesterday basically the whole day was spent up in NH celebrating Raf's grandpa's 85th birthday. There was lots of driving, eating, and conversation.  Before we left I had OIAJ (1/4 cup muesli, 1/2 cup skim milk, leftover bits of p.b.)

Before church I snacked on a couple of unpictured crackers and cheese. I almost melted during mass it was so hot. Dinner followed and looked something like this....

I was so full I didn't partake in any of the birthday cake but later on at night I of course had snacked on some bread and cheez-its.

Today was even worse. I didn't even carry my camera around I was just snacking all day basically. I had a light-ish brunch of watermelon and toast with almond butter to start off with.

Followed throughout the day by cheez-its, chocolate, a mini cheese quesadilla, a turkey burger without a bun and pickles. My day has just felt completely off and I've felt like a bum. I did manage to get my oil changed. My boyfriend did it for me this time but we had some issues. Apparently my car is an SL2 (Saturn) not an SL1 which I've thought for the past 5 years.......I really despise cars, and computers because mine is still broken and I haven't been able to get the fan replaced yet. It sounds like a dying cat according to one of my co-workers. I just can't win!

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