Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Update

I waited far too long to post so now I'm going to try to condense the weekend.  I don't have pictures of everything either so that will help make this shorter.

Friday: Went to Headstart for our next lesson plan with the kids. They were really rambunctious that day for some reason. It still went well though. They really know their fruits and veggies! I was so pleased : ) Afterwards I walked over to Fenway park to get in line for the BIDMC employees discounted tickets. I was the 3rd person so I knew I would be able to get tickets. My boyfriend was still on his way out from Worcester so I ended up waiting, cold, hungry, and alone, for almost 2 hours. That part kind of sucked. But he picked up some Mcdonald's and brought it to eat before we got to go in. I had chicken nuggets and a small fries so not the best dinner but I was too hungry to care really. We ended up getting awesome tickets behind home plate. It was my first professional game of any sport and it was so much fun! I snagged a picture of David Ortiz just as he was hitting his first home run of the season! Also, taking pictures of yourself is hard to do. I always end up bent over looking ridiculous trying to get us both in a picture LOL

After the game we picked up my car from school and drove over to The Bell in Hand for a friend's birthday. I pulled a quick change of clothes while he drove. It ended up being a fun night seeing friend's we hadn't seen in a while. I had 2 malibu bay breeze's, 1 amaretto sour, and a tequila sunrise. I'm not a beer girl at all, just a fruity girly drink girl.

I walked over 5 miles that day and did a lot of dancing so I didn't care much about just having a fun night out.

Saturday:  Woke up and had brunch of 2 Van's waffles with some chopped walnuts and maple syrup. On the size was a smoothie of nonfat milk, plain chobani, and frozen mixed berries. What a nice "next day" meal!

I didn't accomplish much on Saturday at all. I wanted to go hiking but didn't really give myself enough time so I just dropped the idea. I'm so lazy on the weekends sometimes. My boyfriend and I ended up going out for dinner to UFood Grill. I really liked it, though my meal was kind of high in sodium but it was one of the highest ones there (I didn't grab the nutrition facts until after I ordered). I had the chopstick chicken bowl which had chicken with broccoli and carrots over brown rice with a spicy thai sauce. It was very spicy for me at least!

Dessert was not so good for you but I have been wanting a cupcake for weeks now. We headed down to Sweet Cupcakes where I got a banana split cupcake. I almost forgot to take a picture before I finished it! It was super sweet so I'm glad it was small but my boyfriend wasn't so happy about it being $3.25 for one little cupcake. Oh well, we were indulging! We did ending up having a midnight snack later on though too : ) Bagel-thin with peanut butter and raisins and a cup of nonfat milk. I love that snack!

Sunday: Lunch was a small bowl of pasta with sauteed veggies (mushrooms, zucchini, red bell pepper) and a little tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. No picture for this one either. I've been procrastinating again and have to study for my finals this week! No more relaxing for me....

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