Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Having a love affair....with the sun

It has been soooo beautiful out today! I ended up walking around for about an hour and picked up some things that I needed. I live with my boyfriend's family (parents and 5 siblings!), taking his room while he stays at his apartment at school. So most of the time I just eat the groceries that are in the house but if I want something special, just for me, I go out and buy it myself and usually store it in the bedroom unless its something I know won't be touched (like my 7 grain cereal). Otherwise, food in the house is free for all and it disappears quickly (hence being almost completely out of fruit - but I did find a cantaloupe in the bottom of the fridge!) I've actually got it very nice living here and I love it. Most people think it's awkward but after dating for 5 years they are all my second family so it's nice.

After my walk I was pretty hungry so I made a black bean gardenburger and put it on a sandwich thin along with some baby spinach, sauteed mushrooms, and a little whole grain dijon mustard. Then I found the cantaloupe and cut some up with a little fresh mint (I love fresh mint!). I watched DAYS while eating. I love EJ even if he's a jerk sometimes ;) Oh and I had a seltzer.


I was supposed to present a summary of one of the lectures from the Massachusetts Dietetic Association Conference that I went to to the SGA this afternoon (because they funded the trip for 6 of us students) but apparently it is actually on the 21st. So instead of wasting my time inside, I immediately brought my computer out to the picnic table to start homework and (hence the title) have a little love affair with the sun.  Mid afternoon I snacked on two very different kinds of egg. 1 hard boiled egg that I made on Easter and 1 Cadbury Creme Egg! I also had some iced green tea. Yum-O.

Wednesday is my late night for class (Community Nutrition) so I had that from 5:30-8:30 and brought along a bag of veggies w/ classic hummus, a plain Chobani and a handful of walnuts and raisins to mix in. We talked about children and adolescents today, mostly about childhood obesity.  What a coincidence that I watched Michelle Obama on C-SPAN this morning concerning just that topic!

Traffic on the way home was RIDICULOUS. I really hate driving in Boston and I was only in Fenway, not downtown.  After detours and broken down cars and total traffic jams, I finally made it home in one piece. I never ate my veggies and hummus in class so I ate them as soon as I got home with a big glass of nonfat milk.

We order our food through Peapod so I'm going so I'm going to go over that and then finish my homework for the night. The homework just never ends.....Only one more month of the semester. (Then I'm taking 2 summer classes, oh joy....)

Now for the fabulous part. I got a new dress for Christmas but haven't been able to wear it yet and since it was 90 degrees today, I finally did! It's leopard print on the top (I love it as long as its the right item. Nothing too tacky) and it has a teal band at the waist (which I also love teal). So happy that I was finally able to wear it! Too bad I look awful in this pic. They kept coming out fuzzy and I was running late so I just kept snapping and kept the only one that wasn't fuzzy lol

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