Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am falling apart

After lunch I decided to jump on that extra credit so I wrote up another case study.  Then I decided to walk to the bank to take advantage of the weather again.  I thought it was a good idea until my left knee started bothering me. I have such old lady knees! It also didn't help that my new flats that I bought from H&M completely tore up my ankles so they are red and raw. My feet are way too sensitive. No matter where I get shoes I always end up with blisters. Thin skin I guess.....

Tonight was my second to last Community Nutrition class. Topic of discussion was healthy aging. Yet again I say, I don't want to get old. I brought along a bagel-thin topped with peanut butter and raisins, a plain Chobani, and a kiwi. Somehow I forgot to snap a picture of the Chobani.

When I got home, it took me forever to finish my work-study assignment. I had almost forgotten about it! I just couldn't get the flow going so it took me twice as long as usual.  I snacked on some Garden of Eatin' tortilla chips with the guacamole I bought yesterday. I can definitely say I'm never buying that guac again and am sticking to homemade from now on!

Now I am exhausted! Time to get everything ready for tomorrow. It's the big ol' presentation day......I hate public speaking. Better get used to it I guess...

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