Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Novice Blogger

I'll start off with, my name is Christina and I'm a novice blogger. I started reading a few blogs a couple months ago and just recently tossed the idea around of starting my own. If I miss posts or screw something up, FORGIVE ME! I'm new at all of this.

So a little background about myself. I'm 22 years old currently residing in Boston but originally from Upstate New York. I graduated last may with a dual Bachelor's in Biology and Biochemistry from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Now I am at Simmons College working on my Master's in Nutrition and Health Promotion along with my DPD (Dietetics Certification for internship) and Certificate in Sports Nutrition. Yeah it's a lot but I consider myself highly motivated academically. In fact I really should be going to bed now so I can get up for class tomorrow. I am NOT a morning person but I'm trying to train myself to be. More to come tomorrow.....


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