Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One thing after another

I was just a disaster today. After I left for my meeting, I realized I forgot to bring my to-go meal I had packed and it was too late to go back for it.  Before I left I threw together quick a salad of spinach and carrots with the leftover salmon from last night.

The meeting was shorter than I anticipated so I did get a little extra time to run to the store and grab a Larabar and a Chobani to hold me over.  Just a heads up: Simmons Nutrition Liaison and Simmons Goes Fit is sponsoring an "Almost 5k Run/Walk" on Saturday at 9:30AM out on Robert Clemente field starting near the track.  It is to benefit the Greater Boston Food Bank and entry "fee" is 5 canned goods. Please come!

During Community Nutrition tonight we went over behavior change models/theories.  I liked the stages of change model the best.  Basically there are 5 stages: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance.  With this model, you assess which stage your patient is in and work with them accordingly so that they can succeed.  We also went over what Healthy People 2010 objective we chose to try out this week.  Mine was to increase daily physical activity.  When school gets busy and I get stressed, working out is usually the first thing to go out the window so I wanted to try to incorporate that back into my life again.  Of course doing this in the last few weeks of the semester is stressful enough but I managed to do some extra walking for most days.  I must say it is much easier now that they weather has been warm for the majority of days.

After I got home I was hungry again so I ate some of what I had packed earlier: a sliced kiwi, 2 hard boiled egg whites (I had thrown out the yolks because I thought I would be eating them in class and didn't want them to be stinky!), and some peanut butter and honey on a slice of whole wheat bread.  I also made some chamomile tea to go along with it.

It is late, I am thoroughly exhausted, BUT the school work is never-ending right now so I'm going to try to get another hour in before passing out.  Goodnight!

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  1. That salad actually looks really good for just thrown together. I love salmon!