Monday, April 12, 2010

I can't believe high schoolers don't eat vegetables

I stayed up a bit too late last night and didn't want to wake up this morning.  Breakfast was grabbed on the way out the door again.  Today it was a small banana and a Kashi crunchy granola bar. I prefer crunchy bars to chewy bars. Which do you prefer?

Since I would be helping to lecture at a high school, I needed to dress professionally so that I wouldn't blend in with the students.  I'm not that much older than them! Though I think that I feel a lot less older than them than I actually am.  Every year I say I can't believe it's been that many years since high school.  This June will be 5 years since graduation for me! We aren't having a 5 year reunion though which is sad.  I'm sure there will be a 10 year one though.  Anyway, here is my outfit.  It was a little chilly so I had to throw on a light sweater but this is my favorite "work" shirt and the skirt is just a plain black pencil skirt.

There were 2 classes to give the lecture in today so in between my professor gave me a mini Luna bar.

I actually didn't have to present until the second lecture.  It was a lot of fun presenting to the kids especially since they had actually never had a health class.  I think that they learned a lot and hopefully will take some of the information home with them.  It astonished me though that these kids are seniors in high school and many of them don't like vegetables.  Although I guess my taste buds didn't really turn around until my freshman year in college.  That is when I started trying new foods.  Though I did have the typical college food like pizza and wings, my diet definitely expanded that year when I began eating hummus, fish, beans, and more salad.  I'm much more adventurous with food than when I was younger.  I was very picky as a child and I'm glad to say that I'm not anymore!

When I got back I was pretty hungry so I made a very large salad with spinach, cucumber, carrots, red bell pepper, and 2 hard boiled eggs.  It ended up being too big so I bagged the rest of it for tomorrow.  My eyes are much bigger than my stomach as my dad always used to say to me.  Along with it I had a glass of nonfat milk.

While eating, the mail came and my pedometer had arrived! I ordered a moderately priced pedometer off of amazon because I think they are really handy tools and I'm so sick of getting the cheap ones that never work properly.  This one is an Omron and had good reviews so I will see how it goes.

It is somewhat sunny outside but there is a lot of wind.  I may throw on some pants and try this thing out before getting to studying for my exam.  We need more milk already and some OJ so a quick trip to the corner store should do it.  After my cup of green tea of course.  : )

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  1. Wow, its been 5 years since I graduated too. Time goes by so quickly after HS!