Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I went to class early this morning to do some last minute studying before my HACCP exam.  I grabbed a Kashi granola bar for the way over.

The test was only 40 multiple choice questions and I blew threw it in about 15 minutes.  I really think I did well but I will find out on Thursday.  I came home right after and had a cup of coffee with nonfat milk and Truvia as well as a grapefruit sprinkled with cinnamon.

The rest of the morning was all about chores! I have become such a housewife this past year and I really love it.  Weird, right?  I could spend all day cooking, baking, and cleaning.  I used to hate cleaning but now I don't mind really.  As I mentioned before, I live with my boyfriend's family now so I try to help out when I can.  His mom is in NH for the day so I took the liberty of throwing in some more laundry, doing the dishes, and reorganizing some of the pantry cabinets.  I found some dented cans of beans and decided they had to be thrown away, we don't need any cases of botulism here!  Afterwards it was time for some yummy lunch. Black bean gardenburger on a Arnold whole wheat sandwich thin with some spinach, tomato, and smashed avocado.  On the side I finished my salad from yesterday and I had my daily glass of nonfat milk. Tasty tasty!

Off to pathophysiology now!

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