Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Versatility of Greek Yogurt

By now you all probably know my love for greek yogurt, particularly Chobani. Most often I stick with the Plain 0% - and for good reason: versatility. I use it in both sweet and savory dishes. It's a great replacement for sour cream and I even use it in place of mayo. Today it was featured in every meal. (And no this post is not endorsed by Chobani, I just LOVE it!  <--- my disclaimer!)

Banana Oatmeal made with Skim Milk, mixed with a dollop of Chobani and topped with Blueberries
A plate o' veggies (Carrots, Cuc, Red Bell Pepper)

Dippage - Plain Chobani mixed with Dill and a squeeze of Lemon Juice

Egg Salad Sandwich (1 whole egg + 2 whites + Plain Chobani + Basil with Spinach on Sandwich Thin) and a side of Grapes

The rest of my day off involved watching TLC (Say Yes to the Dress! I dream of weddings, I really do hahaha), running errands, visiting my sister (in law) for her birthday, and yoga. Real exciting, right? Back to the work day grind tomorrow.


  1. OH, I really like the idea of adding dill and lemon juice to make a dip! I also use greek yogurt as sour cream and mayo.

  2. I love plain Chobani too! I like using it as a sub for sour cream in Mexican recipes, or using it in place of mayo in chicken salad - much like your egg salad here!