Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Like Pulling Teeth

We had a number of surgeries today including a dental where we had to pull teeth on a cat! Poor Luna! We also had a doggie neuter and a suture repair. It was a crazy busy morning that is for sure.

Eats for today:

Coffee, Hard-boiled egg, Pumpkin Bread w/ p.b., Blueberries w/ Chobani & Cinnamon
Spinach & Cheese on a Bagel-thin and a Peach
Apple and Almonds
Latte Lite
Veg-tastic dinner: Eggplant parm, Caprese Salad, Asparagus w/ Garlic & Olive Oil

So tomorrow is my 5 year anniversary with Raf  :)  After work, I'm heading out to Worcester and we are going to spend Saturday together. In the past we've taken elaborate vacations but we've smartened up and realize we don't have the money for it. For our 1 year anniversary, he took me out in a horse and carriage around Boston and then to dinner. It was amazing because I had mentioned only once that I had always wanted to take a horse and carriage ride about 3 months into our relationship and he remembered! So sweet. For our 2 year we spent a weekend in Nantucket and for our 3 year we spent a weekend in Mystic, CT. Last year we spent almost a week in D.C. except that we postponed the trip to December instead of August (bad idea! brrrrr) This year it will be low key - probably dinner and a movie. I haven't seen him in almost 2 weeks so I can't wait!

How will you be spending your weekend?


  1. oooh i need to make eggplant parm. never done that. i just started liking eggplant. and i love the plate it's on!

    happy anniversary!!

  2. I was just talking about Eggplant Parm this morning--yours looks delish! I have two types of eggplant sitting at my house right now from the CSA--Chinese and Japanese. This is a great idea for tonight's dindin. :)

  3. Awwe poor kitty! and doggie :/ Hope they hopped back for the surgeries just fine. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have an amazing date night with Raf!

    I love Eggplant Parm! Did you make it yourself? It looks fantastic!

  5. Thanks for the anniversary wishes! No I didn't make the Eggplant parm - my mom did! and yes it was delicious :)