Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Beginning of the End

This was my last Tuesday at NuVal. The last first day of my work week. My very last week...*big sad face*

And of course I couldn't wake up to make delicious oaties so I grabbed the bag of frozen grapes out of the freezer and a granola bar out of the pantry, threw on my shades and I was off. AND no those are not 3D glasses.

Gosh I'm pale. It's so sad haha.  Anyway it was a very productive day to say the least. And super good news - my laptop is back at the Sony store! but there is no way I can drive downtown to pick it up myself. I don't do city driving. So I will have to wait for Raf to bring me. He's such a good boyfriend :)

Lunch was leftovers from last night, which I totally didn't post yet so I'll add that to the end of this one. Whole wheat fettuccini plus flax, baked shrimp with tomatoes and feta.

Dessert was this bad boy.

Later for an afternoon snack I had a monstrous bag of veggies: carrots, red bell pepper, and string beans. With a whopper of hummus for dippage.  It was the Sabra pine nuts flavor but it was way too oily for my liking.

I wanted to use up the other pizza crust from this weekend so I made another veggie pizza. Spinach, red onion, and mushrooms with a lot of fat free mozzarella. Plus a delicious corn on the cob because I can't resist it.

Alright alright let's backtrack a little bit. Just call me Chef Christina. Last night my boyfriend's grandparents were coming for dinner. I set up the table all fancy with the china like this

And made this

Tomatoes and onion simmering on the stove....

Everything finished on the stove. Baked shrimp with tomatoes and feta. Whole wheat plus flax fettuccini. String beans. Mushrooms. What a spread right?

My plate was a little too full, I couldn't eat it all. (Hence the leftovers for lunch).

And for dessert - a couple dark chocolate covered cherries and a pizelle.

So now that you're all caught up, I've got to get back to work. I only have about a page or 2 more to write on my final paper (woo-hoo). If When I finish it tonight, it will give me two days for reviews and edits. I guess even with procrastinating I'm pretty time efficient haha.

1) Do you have a favorite dish you like to prepare for special occassions?
2) Does it feel like summer is closing in on you too? I can't believe it's August! That means back to school shopping is coming up!

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  1. AHH i pulled out that same recipe and have been meaning to make it! so glad at least ONE christina in the world decided to. haha.

    summer is at its hottest for me right now...let it begin.

  2. You are QUITE the little chef aren't you! Everything looks yummy. And yeah, Sabra's Pine Nuts flavor is a bit oily. Luscious Lemon and Chipotle are my faves :) AND did you know Sabra now has snack size portions with pretzel crisps? They're so good! Ok, so yeah, I'm starting to sound like a hummus freak...sorry!