Monday, August 9, 2010

Pushed around by a toddler

Breakfast this morning included a large cup of coffee and a bowl of oats with smashed banana, flaxseed, cinnamon, blueberries, and peanut butter. It seemed like it made so much so I saved half for tomorrow.

I was having the worst day trying to figure out what to eat for the rest of the day. First lunch was going to be chicken and avocado on a wrap but the chicken tasted disgusting so I took the avocado and mashed it up with some tomato to dip some baked lays in but then the avocado was like stringy and really weird. I ended up having a tuna melt. 1 packet chunk light tuna mixed with celery, onion, miracle whip on oat nut bread topped with low fat mozzarella.

I spent most of the afternoon with my nephew. We swam and watched Disney movies and chased Lena around with her toys. We also shared some John Deere fruit snacks and chai tea followed by pretzels. It was quite a fun afternoon. I love that kid :) And by February I will have another nephew or a niece to love - woohoo!

Dinner was also hard to decide on. Bean & Bacon soup? No. I eventually made a smoothie using the Yoplait smoothie packs. Strawberry Mango flavored!

For my camping trip next week I ordered a few Michael Pollan books. This was the first to arrive but hopefully the rest will come before we leave.

My undecided mind (hey I'm a Libra!) is now going to try to figure out what I want for a snack......

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