Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Camping Trip 2010


Raquette River (Adirondacks NY)

Lena and Canon fighting over a stick

Trail Mix

Chili and cornbread

Camp coffee

Chobani & Peach

Bagel-thin and Maple Peanut Butter

Good morning - look inside the empty beer bottle

Hello drunk Mr. Mouse!

Turkey sandwich, carrots & hummus

String cheese, apple, Chocolate Zucchini Muffin

Pizza cooked over the fire

The Failed Crust

Pasta Salad

Eggs, homefries with onions, and ketchup (Camp homefries are the best! Potatoes are cooked under the coals all night!)

Hiking off trail

Pepperoni sandwich


Inside the geocache

My treasure

Turkey sandwich and carrots


Splitting wood

Playing Uno

Super S'more (honey graham cracker, maple peanut butter, dark chocolate, toasted marshmallow)

A lily Raf picked out of the river for me

Bonfire on the last night

Banana, Chobani mixed with maple peanut butter

Cooking over the fire

Eggs, bacon, ketchup on bagel-thin


  1. Wow, some of that food looks better than what I eat when I'm home! I would have been lost trying to figure out what to make over a camp fire. I hope you still ate the good parts of that pizza!

    And the mouse inside the beer bottle? Too funny!

  2. Looks like a fun trip! I love camping, but haven't been for several years.

    Your eats look delish. I'm not sure why, but I find that food tastes 100 x's better when I'm in the mountains. That s'more DOES look super! Yum!