Monday, August 2, 2010

Blueberry picking is for children

Or so says Raf, grumpily driving to Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon, MA with me in the passenger seat. But it turns out by the time we got there 1) There was no blueberry picking right now, only peaches and 2) He was done being grumpy. :) So we got a big basket and picked away at the peaches that were so small they actually reminded me of apricots (only in size, not color). We of course ate a couple while making our way around. Most of the ones we picked weren't quite ready but the cashier told us they will ripen after we picked them.

I realize now that we forgot to go in the back where they have a small petting zoo! Oh well, we will just have to go back another time, maybe when they have blueberries. Inside the store we also picked up some items including pasta, Strawberry Apple Rhubarb Jam, Blackberry syrup (made at the farm!), and some sweet corn.

Since we were in Sharon anyway, we thought we might as well stop over at Crescent Ridge, one of the best ice cream places in New England I'm pretty sure. I ordered a kiddie dish of Mint Oreo and it was still huge. We were planning on dessert and then lunch but instead dessert ended up BEING lunch. I also took a picture of our hosts. They were pretty lazy and wouldn't even come over to say hi.

It ended up being a super fun day and I absolutely loved it! Driving around in the "country" really made me miss home. Can't wait to go back next week for some QT.

Meals for the rest of the day included 2 ears of the sweet corn we bought (they were so tender and sweet OMG) sprayed with some olive oil and sprinkled with chili powder. Then I had a small serving of pasta with sauteed mushroom, sauce, and topped with feta cheese.

Later at night I snacked on a whole wheat english muffin topped with some of the jam we bought and almond butter, followed by a plum. Both are unpictured though!

On a side note, getting this final paper finished is excruciating. I don't have work today and am really going to try to bust out the last 5 or so pages.....

So now on to today. Even though I went to bed late I set my alarm for 7AM because a segment on NuVal was supposed to be on Good Morning America. But I fell in and out of consciousness for the 2 hours it was on and ended up not seeing what I wanted. I was very annoyed with myself and ended up going back to sleep for another solid 2 hours. I'm hoping a clip of it will be on the internet shortly. When I finally got up I made myself some steel cuts oats with water. Toppings included plain 0% Chobani, walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, strawberries, and peaches. Wowza! And of course coffee using the new coffee machine. Thank you Mr. Coffee!

1) Have you ever gone to a "Pick-Your-Own" place?
2)What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Happy Monday everybody!


  1. I totally agree with you that the kiddie sizes are often plenty big enough! I just noticed that you go to Simmons -- I actually started graduate school up there originally, but I was so sensitive to the cold so I moved back to FL for my degree :) I really loved Boston though, and hope to get up for FNCE this fall!

  2. i love eating the fruit while i'm picking it! how can you resist?

    i love your mug!

    my favorite ice cream is actually pistachio gelato!! SO GOOD

  3. @ Meredith: That's so cool that you were up here first!
    @ Christina: The professor I was a TA for got that mug for me at the end of the year. It was the sweetest gift!