Saturday, August 14, 2010

Step Up

So this will be my last post until Wednesday or Thursday since we leave in the morning for camping.

Yesterday, I helped my mom with getting the food we needed for the trip. I had the super hard job of mixing the trail mix hahaha. I also started the chili which I convinced my mom to make half ground turkey half lean ground beef.

I had brought breakfast in the car so no picture. Coffee and a slice of toast with p.b. and jam.  Lunch when I got home was bean and bacon soup followed by a peach. Random, I know.

I also finally found the Lindt bar with sea salt! It is o-m-g delicious.

I spent yesterday with my bestest friend Kelly for a much needed girls day. We hit the mall and the movies to see Step Up 3 which was alright. I just love to watch people dance and wish I could do it. I picked the worst choice of food though because I was hungry and we were a little late so I got nachos and nerds. I didn't finish them but still felt sick. Blah.

I'm so tired I can't even think right now. My pup woke me up at 3, 5:30, and 8 AM when I went to bed at 12:30! Anyways, on to today.

I actually had to work today at the animal hospital! I'm scheduled to work 7 days while I'm home which isn't a lot but at least it's something.

Breakfast before work was vanilla Chobani with a sprinkling of granola and a banana with a scoop of Teddie p.b. AND coffee

The day was full of blood glucose checks, grooming, clipping nails, and expressing anal glands. The doc is on vacation so that's the typical stuff when she's not around. Awesome right? haha

Lunch was an egg, spinach, and a laughing cow wedge smeared on a multigrain english muffin. Someone was intently keeping an eye out for anything that might drop. :) That's my coworker's dog Manny.

On the side I had two tiny clementines and a packet of almonds. I also had a brownie that a client made for us.

Dinner was random again. Cream of Wheat. I found it in the closet and it sounded good.

I'm just waiting for Raf to get here now. My parents headed up to the camp site a day early but my brothers, Raf, and I are heading up tomorrow morning.

Since I won't be around for a while I will leave you with some beautiful pictures from my backyard: a panoramic (doesn't look too great on here I guess) and a closeup of the Catskill mountains.

Goodnight and have a great weekend!


  1. i loooove that lindt bar too. so good. have fun camping! :)

  2. Have a great time camping--hopefully the weather's nice for you!!