Monday, October 18, 2010

Trying to poison my brother and a Bariatric Nutrition Conference

Interesting title right? haha. Well first let me just say that I don’t have pictures of the food that I supposedly try to poison my brother with. In all reality, he’s just a picky eater and did not want to try the recipe I made.  I took pics with my sister-in-law’s camera so when she emails them I’ll post. They’re pretty :)

*Edit - here's the pics*

The recipe I made was Apple Cider Chicken from with a side of squash. I made a modified version of Rachel’s Fall-Stuffed Spaghetti squash where instead of spaghetti squash I used butternut and omitted the walnuts because we had run out! Look how lazy I am by hyperlinking instead of typing it out. It’s been a longgggg weekend.
Besides cooking up a meal I carved a pumpkin with my nephew! Again no picture yet but I will try to put one up soon. He’s such a cutie :)

*Edit - again here's the picture!*

So that was all Saturday. Sunday was football. and a 4 mile jog/walk that hurt my knees. Bad knees!

Some foods from the weekend not including Saturday dinner (soup was repeated a couple times so in order not to bore you I’ve only included 1 picture):
DSC01123 A slice of french toast topped with grilled banana, plain 0% Chobani mixed w/ almond extract and slivered almonds (absolutely delicious!)
DSC01125  Stromboli
DSC01126  Mom’s homemade Chicken and Rice Soup
DSC01127  Tomato, Mozz, EVOO, Balsamic & Dried Basil (no fresh!)
DSC01129 Awesome Pumpkin Pancakes (recipe to appear at some point)

Now I am utterly exhausted because I stayed up doing homework last night and then slept about 4.5-5 hrs before waking up to drive an hour for a Bariatric Nutrition conference! I don’t get continuing ed credits yet because I’m not an RD but I enjoy conferences and for $25 I thought it was a good deal compared to the price of some! The food served wasn’t the best considering the topic though. The only choices at the continental breakfast were bagels, danishes, and muffins…….. Lunch was a bit better though.
Topics covered included Standard Techniques (Band and Bypass), New Surgery Techniques (Sleeve and Endoluminal), Standard Post-surgical Complications, Plastic Surgery Options Post-Bariatric Surgery, Endocrine Management, Pulmonary Management, Nutritional Issues, Childhood/Adolescent Obesity, Pharmacology, Eating Disorders, and Psychiatric Assessment.  Quite a bit I actually remembered from MNT in spring semester so I thought that was pretty cool. Interestingly enough, the sleeve procedure was presented as a new technique but I swear we talked about it in class in the spring. So did I know about it before other REAL medical professionals?!? haha
After the conference I grabbed dinner with my bestie Kelly as a belated bday celebration. We went to Panera Bread and she got me a pink leopard hair dryer! It’s awesome!
DSC01134 1/2 Turkey sandwich, mac & cheese, potato chips (yeah I had a stomach ache after)

Then I drove back to Boston. Here I am! So tired. And still have homework to do. Another great start to the week :) When’s the weekend? hehe


  1. Apple Cider Chicken sounds amazing! I think that one is gonna go on my recipes-to-make list. I love watching my brother's face whenever he tries something new that he's not sure about!

  2. What is with conferences (nutrition-related) serving crappy, unhealthy food!? I don't get it! Baratrics are so interesting to me having worked with Lap-Band patients. I don't know how I feel about it, per se, but I'm not totally against it. :)

    P.S. Those pumpkin pancakes look amazing!

  3. That french toast looks very good. I havent tried grilled banana but that sounds like a perfect combo! =)

  4. I loved grilled bananas. Tastes amazing on anything. I need to carve pumpkins soon! SO much fun. Your nephew looks adorable and very happy!