Friday, October 29, 2010

The Camera Died! But No Worries…..

More specifically I should say my battery died today but after a little recharge we were back in action ;)

Today involved baking and cooking. Both of which turned out pretty good.

First, french toast topped with a mix of plain 0% Chobani and canned pumpkin plus a sprinkle of chia seeds.



Then that’s when the camera died. So no mid-baking pictures. However, what I made was fantabulous! Pumpkin Ginger Muffins! I found the recipe on Tina’s blog. While I did consume one right after I didn’t get a picture of what they looked like until much later.



I made them huge compared how I usually make muffins :)

Then dinner was walnut and herb crusted mahi mahi, pasta w/ sauce, steamed green beans, and a side salad topped with pomegranate arils!


I also managed to bust out some work on survey stuff for school, do loads of dishes and laundry. Productive day I guess.

Now I’m just waiting for Raf to get home for the weekend……..

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