Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Topsy Turvy Weather

I can’t believe how beautiful it was today! It’s going to be 70 tomorrow too before the cold weather swoops back in! I took advantage and went for a quick 1.5 mile jog. Tomorrow I’m planning 3. Now that I’ve told you, I have to do it :)

Not too much to report for the past 2 couple of days. I liked Paranormal Activity 2 just as much as the first one but Raf didn’t think it was as good. Too each their own I guess.


Yesterday I didn’t eat anything too special. So I won’t bore you with much of it.

DSC01171 Arnold whole wheat sandwich thin topped with Teddie unsalted p.b. and a plum. Very basic

DSC01173 Leftover shrimp cocktail (I haven’t had shrimp in forever! Also, Misty was going nuts of course)

Elissa, one of my classmates, also brought apple muffins to class last night so I got to enjoy that! But I wasn’t expecting to need my camera so I didn’t get a pic.


I made some pretty good food today if I do say so myself. For lunch , I stir fried broccoli, carrots, and red bell pepper in a splash of soy sauce, orange zest, and ginger. The orange zest really made it.  I was too lazy to make anything else to go with it, but it was a pretty decent amount of veggies anyway.


Peapod came today so we had just gotten some asparagus. LOVE IT! I sauteed some of that and mixed it in with whole wheat penne, chopped walnuts, olive oil, and feta. Yum Yum! Although I was thinking for next time a balsamic reduction would be fabulous for this. What do you think?


And for dessert – or should I say my next mini meal? I very cinnamon-y dish of plain 0% Chobani and a sliced apple. Gotta love my cinnamon too :)


Some Edumacation

For today’s education component I’ve decided to include some information from my Exercise Assessment class.  This week we’ve been discussing the principles of training.  There are 4 main principles that determine the effectiveness of a resistance training program.  These are progression, regularity, overload, and specificity.  The principle of progression means that over time exercise sessions should become more difficult.  Regularity is somewhat self-explanatory.  It means that resistance training should be performed regularly a couple times a week and to avoid inconsistent training or periods of extended inactivity.  The principle of overload means that the exercise should be changed in terms of intensity, duration, or frequency over time.  Lastly, the principle of specificity refers to the adaptation of specific muscles and that every muscle must be trained in order to gain strength or endurance.  (Howley and Franks. Fitness Professional’s Handbook. 2007)

Honestly, when it comes to resistance training, I’ve got to say I don’t have any sort of regimen.  I just sort of do it whenever.  I’m definitely not following the principle of regularity here with my inconsistent training. Check that off as something I have to work on.


Tomorrow is Hump day. Besides homework and fitting in a run, I have no plans! How boring.  Anyone else seriously looking forward to this weekend? I definitely am. I went ahead and got the Lady Gaga costume (eek!). Should be interesting to see that is received by everyone LOL


  1. Yes - can the weekend be now? Pretty please?!?!

  2. oooo Lady Gaga! I hope you aren't going to be wearing a meat dress! :D

  3. Did you run 3?? I'm going to run 3 tomorrow :)

  4. @ Jean - No not the meat dress haha. The white outfit from the 2009 VMA's.

    @ Brittany - No I actually didn't run 3 :( I had stomach pains all night and slept horribly then was nauseas almost all day. It was so nice out I wish I had run though!

  5. Your veggie stir fry and penne pasta both look fantastic!I especially love the combination of feta, onions and walnuts--yum!

    Yay for being Gaga! I have no doubt that you're going to have tons of fun personifying her! Happy early Halloween!

  6. With regards to the principle of progression, is it perceived difficulty or actual difficulty that is supposed to increase? I would assume that perceived difficulty would remain pretty stagnant As in, if I am a first time weightlifter I might be able to bench press 50lbs but after 8 weeks I can bench press 60lbs (which is "more difficult") with the same level of perceived exertion as I did 50lbs 8 weeks ago. Is this correct?

  7. @ Samantha - Thanks for the question! It is the actual difficulty that is supposed to increase. The example from my textbook outlines it well. "If an adult female can easily perform 12 reps of the chest press exercise using 100 lb, she should increase the weight to 110 lb and decrease the reps to 8 if she wants to continually gain muscular strength. Alternatively, she could increase the number of sets, increase the number of reps, or add another chest exercise to her routine." (Howley and Franks 2007 as referenced in my post)