Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Cavities!

Well I’m back home in NY again just two weeks later! But first I have to show you the delightful cupcake my thesis partner Debi got me for my b-day. From the famous Flour bakery!!! Peanut Butter frosting!!!! Doesn’t get any better than this hehe



So just a couple days after eating this delicious cupcake, I managed to get myself a squeeze in appt at the dentist.  I have an awful confession. I thought it had only been about a year and a half since I went to the dentist but really it’s been almost 3 years! I’m horrible I know. I just haven’t gone since I didn’t have dental insurance anymore. But I take pretty good care of my teeth because I didn’t have any cavities :) (this time haha)

Other news? I also decided I’m going to finally go ahead and get invisalign! I don’t have dental insurance anymore but I’m going to do a payment plan. I’ve wanted this for years and I think if I don’t just go ahead and do it now, it’ll never happen. It’s not definite yet but hopefully I will be saying Goodbye gap teeth!

The dentist was my main event for the day sad to say. I was actually going to try to get my butt out for a run but by the time I finished HW and my appt the rain came in. I guess it’s indoor workouts again, ugh.


DSC01115 Coffee, banana with Teddie unsalted p.b. and cinnamon


DSC01118 Potato Salad (using plain 0% Chobani + dill)

DSC01120 Beets + Goat Cheese

DSC01121  Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and Corn w/ Gravy


There was also a hot cocoa thrown in there because I’ve been so cold! My dad doesn’t want to turn the heat on yet :(


Signing off with a picture of my cat the thief. I never gave her permission to eat my soup! Plus she looks so weird like a giant in this pic! hahaha



  1. yay for invisalign! my ex boyfriend had them and although they took some getting used to, he loved the results. :)

  2. Gosh your cat and my cat must have similar personalites! I already feed Link 1/2 cup dry food and one LARGE can of wet food a day, and he STILL tries to eat my food.

    I had braces, but my teeth have shifted, so I've been considering invisalign too. I want to hear about it if you get it!

  3. that would have been the best delivery ever!! a cute and delicious cupcake with the best frosting!!! WOW <3

  4. Invisalign?? I've heard great things about those braces!! I'm happy for you, I think you will be happy with the end result.

    We finally turned our heat on last night when I couldn't even get my fingers warm enough to move. We waited until we couldn't handle it anymore. Hopefully your dad will budge soon!

  5. That cupcake looks amazing. Love that topping.

    I hate going to the dentist also and I put it off as long as I can. Great news about your invisalign! My friend had them and they were seriously unnoticeable.

  6. Hooray for dentists! Okay, I'm pretty particular when it comes to dentists, meaning I go every six months. To the T. It's this weird obsession.

    But glad to hear your getting invisalign...I've heard great things about it!