Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Eclectic Day of Events

O-M-G. What a day. I wasn’t even going to post until tomorrow but I changed my mind because I know this is already going to be long and I didn’t want to have a super long one tomorrow.

Again I could not get to sleep! I fell asleep around 1 (which is earlier than the night before) BUT I had to wake up at 5:30. You see, I was taking a CPR course this morning in a location that is supposed to be 30 minutes away but I have never driven there and was afraid of getting lost so I gave myself an hour LOL. Well with traffic it ended up being 45 minutes anyway. So I arrive at 7:15 while registration was supposed to start at 7:30. I waited and waited and no one was coming. There was one paramedic who was supposed to help out but he didn’t know where the main instructor was at all. There was also originally supposed to be 10 people coming for the class. Around 8:15 (the class was supposed to start at 8) I find out that the class was downsized to 5 people and the main instructor wasn’t coming so it was just going to be the paramedic I saw. We waited til 8:30 and the other 4 people never showed up! Finally I ended up getting a 1-on-1 tutorial and they even gave it to me for free. :) Super happy about that! Long story I know – sorry.

Pre-CPR training eats? Well it was a whole wheat wrap with Teddie unsalted peanut butter and a banana. And a cup of unpictured coffee. All eaten on the road I might add. I have an intense fear of driving places I don’t know and it’s worse when I have to be there at a specific time.


After that I headed down to NuVal to meet up with Rachel and have a conference call with Annette (my old bosses) to chat with them and my thesis partner about the direction of our project. We got some really good feedback and I’m super excited about moving forward with this.

Then if you can believe it I actually had time to go home for about 2 hours and eat lunch and do homework! Lunch was a toasted sandwich thin with tomato, basil, and reduced fat cheese. I also sauteed up some asparagus with olive oil and garlic and put some lemon juice on it. I LOVE ASPARAGUS and was so excited that it was on sale this week.


The crazy day doesn’t end there. Oh no. Then I headed off to another meeting with my thesis partner to talk to our advisor about our project and what we had discussed at NuVal. We have a lot of narrowing down to do!

It was sometime around then that I found out my dad fell off a roof he was working on (he owns his construction company – WM Builders if you are in the Hudson NY area! Not that he can do much now as you will find out). He broke his ankle……. He is going to the surgeon in the morning so I will find out more tomorrow. Oh and my cat who was sick? My vet/boss called me and said she thinks he has a tick disease. Not a healthy week for my family….

From campus I headed over to the Marriott in Newton for an educational reception. Hosted by the Massachusetts Dietetic Association along with the New England Dairy Council and Cabot Creamery, the lecture was called “How We Feed Kids.” It basically covered current research, trends and programs related to feeding children and techniques on how to prepare nutritious and appealing dishes.  The speaker talked about the National School Lunch Program and had a lot of positive things to say about it from her experience traveling to schools across the country. Well she never came to my school district. The food was appalling. And haven’t we all seen Jamie Oliver’s show? I really think that is how most schools are serving lunch. Counting french fries as a vegetable? Psh. So as of right now, from what I have personally seen, I do not hold such a high opinion about school lunches.

One thing I did like that she brought up was about serving food that meets the needs of the age group of the children. She explained how when her son first went to kindergarten he got an apple but couldn’t eat it. Why? Because he was given one big giant apple and he was used to eating it in slices. What do you expect for a 4-5 yr old, I mean come on. There were various other examples of cutting the sizes down for younger children and such.

Some food was served there. My awkward pictures look like this (I’m still trying to get used to taking pictures of food in public)


So after being gone for 12 hours (including my 2 hour pseudo free time for lunch), driving over 100 miles within 30 minutes of my hours, using up 1/4 tank of gas in one day, and sleeping only about 4 hours each night for the past couple nights, I AM OUTTA HERE.

Really going to try to get some sleep tonight……..


  1. I also experienced insomnia last night... it was AWFUL. Hopefully, tonight will be a better night for both of us.

    What an amazing spread at the reception!

  2. I love the LOLcats pic on your sidebar. My parents have a tortie cat.

    I have insomnia from time to time. SO frusterating!

    Super cool that you get to intern at NuVal!