Friday, February 4, 2011

I’m a Snow Bunny?

Thank you all so much for you well wishes while I was sick! I’m feeling 100% better! Unfortunately, I hear that many of my family members who also got sick are STILL sick! So hopefully they all get better soon too.

Yesterday I actually had to venture out of the house for the first time this week so it felt appropriate to dress shall I say like a “snow bunny” or an “eskimo”. Either way I felt like I matched well with the outside weather.


I also started off with a fantastic breakfast that I don’t usual have – cold cereal! I decided to bust into my new package of multigrain cheerios and added some strawberries since they were almost bad and actually the last fruit left in the house.



Our lack of food since Peapod didn’t deliver is really getting annoying. Luckily I had some things to make black bean burgers. Really just mashed up black beans with some quinoa and spices. But there was no bread or anything so I did what the best of us would do – ate it with some condiments.

DSC01682 Ketchup and Mustard to be exact.


Did I mention that I’m going to be tutoring for a class this semester? Well if anybody signs up, I’m the tutor for Management of Food Service Systems. I only bring it up because I had a meeting to finalize things yesterday. We also had a Nutrition Liaison meeting and I have some great updates! We’ve got some fun things planned including a panel of current dietetic interns, having some RD’s come and speak, and a 5k run/walk! And that’s not even including our ideas for National Nutrition Month. REMINDER!- NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH IS MARCH! It’s coming up fast and we’ve got to finalize some things.  The liaison will be bringing to the Simmons campus information about sports nutrition, portion control, fiber, salt, and sugar, quick and easy foods for college students, and more! Stay tuned ;)

Now I know you all want to see the loot I got from Chobani, right? Yeah it’s awesome. They sent me 2 of their new flavors to try: 0% Lemon and 2% Mango, along with a couple packages of their Chobani Champions: Honey-nana and Verry-Berry flavors.





And look what else?! Chobani Champions lunchboxes! I got two and plan on giving one to my 3 year old nephew.


So far I tried the Lemon, which actually wasn’t as great as I was expecting. It looked like the lemon curdled the milk. Sorry Chobani, not my fave. But today I tried the Honey-nana and LOVED it! They’re not just for kiddos ya know, hehe :) I’ll let you know when I try the other flavors.

Dinner was from the freezer. Seriously we have no food left. Ravioli and meatballs. Sorry for the horrible quality pics!


Alright this post is getting long. I’ve been eating the same things so far today as yesterday because Peapod didn’t deliver this morning like they said they were going to! We have to yell at them again now. Oh and I finally returned to my P90X routine since being sick. YEAH KENPO X!

Happy Friday!

Who will you be cheering for at the Superbowl on Sunday? I don’t even know if I’ll watch since neither the Jets (my team) nor the Patriots (Raf’s team) are playing……..


  1. oh no! bummer you didn't like the lemon. i want to try it so badly!! also, you should strongly consider giving me that awesome lunchbox. your nephew won't even miss it.

    as for the superbowl, even though it pains me to say it as I grew up a Vikings fan, i will be cheering for Green Bay because i HATE the Steelers....

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Chobani sent you stuff?? How'd you harrangle that?! Me = Jealous. And the lunch box is _very_ cute :) That black bean burger looks fantastic! nom nom. Do you get paid for tutoring? I LOVE teaching. I think I'll apply for a position somewhere... nice!

  3. Great post! :) I really think that Chobani's yogurt is great! I love the vanilla yogurt 0%! if you mix that with pumpkin and sume nutmeg and cinnamon it turns out great... Have you ever tried Fage? It's my favorite greek yogurt... Cherrios is such a great breakfast food I need to get a box soon, thanks for the reminder LOL :)

  4. Lemon greek yogurt sounds sooo good! and that lunch box is too cute :) I am not cheering for anyone tomorrow...just watchin for the black eyed peas! haha

  5. When I was little lemon Yoplait yogurt was the only yogurt I'd eat. I'd much prefer the Chobani version now though! And MANGO?! Mmmm...I think I've gone to yogurt heaven.

    Glad you're feeling better...And I hope those groceries come soon!

  6. oh I just love your furry vest!! So cute :)

    And I can't wait to try out some of Chobani's new flavors... guess I need to make the hike to the grocery...

  7. So glad you're back to 100%! I am excited for March...always!! :)