Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First time at Trader Joes

Well I did it folks, I finally made my way over to Trader Joes today.  I figured out that the closest one is 1.2 miles away from campus so I decided to walk over between meetings and class.  It was sad that I could only buy what I could carry back :( Plus I didn’t want to spend that much money either. I walked out $30 poorer with these items in hand -


The bananas were 19 cents each! I haven’t had any in a couple weeks and was craving them so I got the biggest yellowest bunch I could. I also snagged some almond butter, butternut squash soup, tomato soup, some protein powder, and unpictured container of Laughing Cow garlic and herb cheese wedges.  Oh yeah I almost forgot the whole grain tortillas too. I put those items in the fridge already.  I could probably go nuts in that store if I had an unlimited supply of money and people to carry my bags :)

Besides that I was also excited to start using my Chobani Champions lunchbox. I’m such a little kid sometimes.


Yesterday’s at school snacks: Multigrain Cheerios, Verry Berry CHOB, and grapes in the grape container. duh.


Now this was hard to stuff everything in. We’ve got tuna salad in the top middle with Wasa rye crackers next to it. Then the other little container is hummus for the veggies hiding in the red container underneath the strawberries and the Verry Berry.

And for breakfast I had my long lost love – oatmeal!


We had no fresh fruit at that time though so I succumbed to raisins. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Oh and remember those Larabars I was so excited to receive? Well I tried the blueberry muffin today! It seemed a lot softer and squishier (bad choice of word?) than the other ones but the taste was delightful.  Definitely a keeper in my books.

Looking back now at this post, I’m just like “Wow I’m all of the place” but hey maybe at least it’s a little interesting.

I’ll leave you with the best news ever. I’m finished with my internship applications! I just have to submit them now! I’m so so so happy but anxious now for the decision date – April 3rd. It’s going to be a long couple of weeks!


  1. yay for being done with your internships!!!! i'll keep my fingers crossed for you. how many did you apply for?

    also, i want that grapes container! where did you get it?!

  2. Yayy, I love Trader Joes :) I always look for the biggest bananas since theyre sold individually and not by the pound! I totally recommend the raw almond butter from TJs, I think its the same price as the other almond butter! But of course all almond butter is delicious :)

  3. @ Lindsay - I only applied to 3 :/ and the grapes container is something my bf's family has had for a while. I don't know where they got it - sorry!

  4. HOly crap that grapes container is PRETTY! I love the chocolate Cat Cookies from TJs and a lot of their dried fruits are awesome :)

    I can't wait to see where you got in for the DI! Are you having an intern party where you all stay up until midnight to see where you got in?!

  5. Two good things in one?! Trader Joe's AND a finished internship application?!?! I can't wait to hear the good news :)
    Looks like you got some of my favorite stuff at TJs. I always buy the butternut squash when pumpkin runs out. It's not QUITE the same, but close enough :)

  6. @ Rae - they actually changed it this year. I think we find out at 6pm so we don't have to wait up all night!

  7. Congrats on your first TJ's visit!! Hopefully it will be the first of many.

    Good luck with all your applications--I'm sending positive vibes your way! :)

  8. Did you love TJ's!? Its become my favorite within the past month and half. I dont know if I would walk 1.2 miles though to get there. Good for you though!

  9. Ahhh I love that grape container- SO CUTE!
    I'm super jealous of TJ's! We don't have any around here :(