Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hello World, It’s Marina Del Ray

I have no explanation for that title. It’s just stuck in my head and I love the Little Mermaid (it’s from the prequel: Ariel’s Beginning). Just that sort of day I guess :)

The other day I was in the mood for cookies but couldn’t decide on what I wanted to make. I ended up throwing many many things together ending up with Whole Wheat, Banana, Almond Butter, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip cookies. They were good (gone in about 2 days!) but not quite cookie-like enough to share the recipe. Just a pic.


I’ve enjoyed a wide range of breakfast over the past few days. Trying to switch it up a little as well as have fun with the various type of fruit we got this week.


Banana Apple Oats with Almond Butter


Egg in a Basket and Grapefruit


Cocoa Banana Oats topped with Strawberries and Almonds


Spinach and Feta Omelet, Whole Wheat Toast, Banana and Strawberry Fruit Salad, Coffee (!)

And just for kicks, a closer look.



Something about my omelet was just perfect today and I inhaled it. Maybe it was the addition of feta (which I haven’t done in a while) or maybe it’s because I bought organic eggs for the first time. Either way, I think it was gone in a minute flat. hehehe.

Lunches have been pretty soupy again lately. I just love soup! Current favorites:





Oh and that little pear and tortilla combo I’ve got going on the side there? That is amazing.


TJ’s whole grain tortilla filled with a few slices of pear and 4 Italian Cheese mix. Drool.

So FYI, the weather in New England sucks again. I tried going out for a run the other day when there was no precipitation but it was so cold that my nose was running the whole time and I got a major headache (the cold does that to me for some reason). I only did 2.25 miles and walked a lot. The good news though is that I may be signing up for another 5k! Right now I’m registered for one on May 15th back home but there is 1 near Raf’s grandparent’s house on May 1 that I’m considering. Simmons Nutrition Liaison is also sponsoring an “Almost 5k” on April 30th which I might as well do to but registration isn’t open yet. So that will be 3 in just about 2 weeks time. Go me :)

Heading out to Worcester this afternoon for more thesis research. Yay for working on the weekend LOL.

Questions: Who immediately knew what movie I was quoting in my title? Or who else is just a big fan of The Little Mermaid? Have a different favorite Disney movie?


  1. organic eggs totally make a difference! they're so good:) all your eats look like stuff i'd love to have too, I love your tastes!! In response to your question, I didn't know it was the little mermaid...but I LOVE that movie:)

  2. I LOVE the little mermaid - but I only saw the original. In fact, I love all Disney movies, my favorite was The Secret of NIHM. So good :)

    And I also love that you eat Eggs in a basket. YAY!

  3. The Little Mermaid is adorable! I've always been a fan of Cinderella :) Love all your foodie pics, those oats look amazing

  4. The Little Mermaid was the first movie I ever owned! I LOVED her and wanted to be her when I was young. I even tried to convince my mom to dye my hair red.

    I am a huge omelet fan...I eat them (or scrambles) almost every morning. And I agree--feta and organic eggs make them even better!

    Thanks so much for catching my egg error today! I meant to write that I'd used flax eggs, but completely forgot! I corrected it, thanks to you!

    Oh, and your banana almond butter chocolate chip cookies sound like something I'd love!

  5. I also post song lyrics as post titles when I can't think of anything haha.

    That omlette looks awesome! I'm thinking I'm going to have to make one of those for breakfast later this week...