Friday, February 18, 2011

Beautiful Days (cue U2)

The weather was just B-E-A-U-TIFUL yesterday and today. Loved it. So excited for Spring.  Ya know what else I’ve been loving again? Oatmeal. I rocked it the past two days plus I’m thinking more to come tomorrow.


  • 1/3 cup oats, 2/3 cup skim milk, 1/2 chopped apple, cinnamon, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 tbsp almond butter

I enjoyed it with much needed coffee as well. :) And before I let homework ruin the rest of the day, I went out for a glorious run. A wonderful, amazing, can’t believe how much I missed it, it’s been 2 months (!) run.  I’m still slow but guess how much I care.  Plus I’m sure all the ice jumping, climbing, sliding, and skating I did affected my time ;)


Yeah and bump that distance up to 4.75 miles roughly. Somehow it was calculating time but not distance for a while until I looked down and noticed. I think it’s because I turned it on while inside? Should probably read the manual instead of the quick guide for this thing.  I also assure you that my face was as pink as the hot pink running shirt I was wearing. I put too many layers on :(

Lunch was another meal that I’ve been having kind of frequently. The new egg sandwich:


  • Sandwich thin – hummus on one side, laughing cow wedge on the other, spinach, and an egg sprinkled with basil. Red pepper strips on the side.

One of my homework assignments yesterday involved discussion about stages of change (a frequent topic in my classes) and what we think would be the most frustrating (for you, the dietitian) stage a client/patient could be in. I chose precontemplation because the person might be really sick and not even realize how bad it is and isn’t ready to make a change in their diet.  It was frustrating just thinking about it, let alone actually being in the situation!

Dinner was also delicious might I add.


  • Cumin-rubbed salmon, asparagus, brown rice and beans

I had a really high protein intake yesterday compared to a lot of days recently! Just noticing………

Raf and I (and some friends) ended up going out to see Paul Van Dyke at Club Royale. It was a long night since I’m not really into trance/techno/house etc. and was followed up by Mcdonalds at 1:30AM. Yeah I went there. Deal with it ;)

It was rough getting up after only about 5.5 hours of sleep but I managed with 2 cups of coffee.  My super long day involved sitting at the nutrition table at Simmons Heart Healthy Fair followed by surveying customers at the Big Y in Walpole.  By the time I got home I just wanted to relax and got carried away reading the latest issue of Today’s Dietitian. I felt like such a dork when I got excited about a big article on fiber. Yup, I’m in the right profession! :)

Since I really only snacked on fruit and a larabar for “lunch” and was starving when I got back tonight, I threw together the quickest supper – pasta.


  • Penne (Barilla PLUS) with spinach, pinto beans, tomato sauce (no salt added!), and a sprinkle of mozzarella since we are out of parmesan. mix it up.

Last thing – a bunch of you have asked how P90X is going and how I’m liking it. It’s going pretty well. I’ve gotten used to most of the routines by now.  I’m doing the “Lean” version but I don’t really notice myself getting leaner. I do notice an increase in flexibility which is really one of my main goals so I’m very happy with that.  I like that having the schedule keeps me pretty accountable for getting in some sort of workout each day. I can be pretty lazy ;) so it’s a nice push. Are you other P90Xers liking it as well?

Did you have beautiful days to enjoy? Do anything fun? Share anything! Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Today was definitely a beautiful day, the weather was gorgeous. Too bad I had to stay in to study :( Your eats all look fantastic :D

  2. This weekend were getting ready for our basketball tournament in early. Ahepa Marrow basketball tournament to help cancer sick patients. Check it out if you'd like:!
    Hope your weekend is well! p.s. the Penne looks delicious and way to go on the run!

  3. today was all rainy!! yuck! but i got to go out and hav a fun time with my friends! have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Yesterday the weather was gorgeous for me, but now today it's cold and really windy!

    The cumin-rubbed salmon sounds delish!

  5. I was loving the weather yesterday too! Amazing! So glad you were able to enjoy it with a good run outside.

    Egg sandwiches are soo yummy and remind me of my childhood. :-)

  6. Pastas one of my favourite foods! although I try to lay off wheat as much as possible as it doesn't really agree with me. I've just discovered spelt spaghetti though and it is almost exactly the same as whole-wheat! I honestly couldn't tell the difference!
    and nut butter with oatmeal is the best. yummm!
    I'm Flo by the way, loving your blog :-)

  7. I have an egg sammie recipe JUST like that on my blog! Here's the recipe if you're interested!
    Anyway, love your blog and so glad I found you! Can't wait to read more:)

  8. ALL of this food looks so delicious! I love the pretty blueberries on your oats :)

  9. Oh yes, the "pre-contemplation" stage is the worst!! I have started being so honest with people, just to scare them (if I feel like they are the right person to do this too....). I will say something like, "listen, if you don't change your ways now, you will die ten years earlier, no doubt". I know that sounds AWFUL but sometimes they need to hear it. I usually don't say that to someone unless I know them well enough to feel comfortable that they won't freak out, but honesty is sometimes my best medicine.

    Your egg sandwich looks wonderful. Nick and I make those often for dinner!