Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011 – Looking Forward to a Great Year!

I didn’t exactly have the most exciting new years eve. Originally I had planned on hanging out with Eva but we were both exhausted from working so we cancelled.  Both Thursday and Friday were extremely long days for me.  In fact I didn’t get home from work on NYE until 9pm!  That’s about 3 hours later than I was expecting. I scarfed down some Chinese food that my family had bought and went to bed right after the ball dropped. Like I said, not very exciting. And Saturday? I spent most of the day sleeping and watching the Twilight Zone marathon. It was a completely lazy day after two ~12 hour work days.

Today was a little more productive.  I slept in again instead of going to church (bad me) but I just couldn’t pry myself out of bed still. When I did finally get up I made myself a nice healthy brunch. It’s time to start fresh and stay away from the holiday goodies!

DSC01578 Omelet (1 egg + 2 whites, spinach, basil, & oregano), Sandwich thin w/ Teddie unsalted p.b. & banana

Then I finally sat down and thought about my goals for 2011. Goals, Resolutions, Tomayto, Tomahto. You know. I finally settled on these:

  • Finish paying at least half of what I owe for my Invisalign (I get them in about 2 weeks!)
  • Don’t spend more than $50 per month on non-essentials (Essentials are things like gas, medicine, school books, etc)
  • Read the Bible for 10 minutes every morning (It’s always been a goal of mine to read the entire thing and I figure this way I can do it)
  • Meditate for 10 minutes every night
  • Do 1 hour of yoga at least once a week
  • Continue running! (at least 3 days per week)
    • I’ve picked 4 races that I want to do so far:
      • 2011 Margaritas 5k in Exeter, NH on May 1
      • 2nd Annual Spring May-Hem 5k in Hudson, NY on May 15
      • Dirty Dog Dash in Boyne, MI on June 11
      • Warrior Dash in Windham, NY on August 13

We’ll see how well each of these go hehe.

Today I also tried out my Garmin!!!! I love it :) And having the heart rate monitor with it is even better.  I ran/walked 3.13 miles but got hit really hard with my exercise-induced asthma today. It sucked big time and it took me forever to be able to breathe normally. I hate that I just developed this within the past year!

When I got back I refueled with a Green Monster – 1 banana, 2 handfuls spinach, 1/3 cup pumpkin, 1 cup skim milk.


That’s my daddy’s Nascar cup haha.

I also got a lot of new year cleaning done today and donated 2 bags of clothes and another bag full of shoes, hats, and purses.

Dinner: 93% lean burger w/ onion and tomato on a sandwich thin, sweet potato fries w/ ketchup, and fresh string beans


And now finally – my review of the Food Should Taste Good Chips I received!



The only flavor of the 5 that I had before was the Multigrain and it is one of my favorites! I could eat an entire bag in one sitting. Seriously. My boyfriend and I did that once so I guess I ate about half the bag ;)

The next flavor I tried was Olive. Now I’m not a fan of real olives anyway so it was no surprise that I wasn’t really a fan of this chip either. But my mom likes olives and she liked the chips, so I guess it just goes hand in hand.

Then I tried both the Blue Corn and Yellow Corn on the same night (you may remember from Enchilada night). I LOVED the Blue Corn. It’s in the same arena as the Multigrain for me. The Yellow Corn was just okay for me. Much more bland than the Blue but if you compare the ingredients you will see why. Yellow corn is just made with yellow corn while the Blue corn is multigrain (as I mentioned in taste).

The last one to try was the Cheddar.  This was also like the Multigrain but with a hint of cheese. Absolutely delicious! I’m a big fan of all things cheese anyway hehe

So final results: LOVED Multigrain, Blue Corn, and Cheddar. NEUTRAL about Yellow Corn. DISLIKED Olive.

Just wanted to say thank you to Food Should Taste Good for sending me these samples!


  1. Every time I'm at the grocery store, I think about buying these chips, but since they're a little pricier, I worry I won't like them. Maybe I'll get brave enough to get a bag next time!

    Oh, and I was doing yoga when the clock struck 12. Nothing to outrageous here!

  2. wow! i love your goals- i am with you on the yoga and running!

  3. great goals! I know you can bust through those 5k's with your heart set on it :)