Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday is Pizza Day!

Growing up, my mom would always make homemade pizza on Friday nights.  And even though I would fuss when it would be burned or thought it tasted bad compared to take-out pizza, I still have fond memories of those nights.  Tonight was the first time in years that we’ve made homemade pizza at my parents house.  My mom picked up some whole wheat dough earlier and we were set to make a veggie pizza!

DSC01594 Spinach and Peppers

DSC01595 Cucumber on the side


Otherwise, not a very exciting day.

DSC01590 Banana Oatmeal w/ Teddie unsalted p.b. for breakfast

Then work.

DSC01591 Bean and Barley Soup for lunch

I left early because of the snow storm and barely made it home. I’m borrowing my grandma’s car while mine is in the shop and her car is horrible in bad weather. SCARY!

DSC01592 Grapes for a snack

Also look at the new flavor of Laughing Cow -

DSC01593 I had a wedge on a couple Low Sodium Triscuits to go with snack

I can’t tell if it’s still snowing but after work tomorrow I hope it’s still light enough to go snowshoeing!

Now onto something a little different………

A couple weeks ago my brother went to McDonald’s and ordered this


He called it “Old McDonald’s Farm Sandwich” because it contained a rib, chicken patty, and beef patty all in one bun.  Now why do I say he made up his own name? Well because apparently he made up the sandwich!  It was news to me that at some fast food places you can order whatever you want even if it’s not on the menu and they will make it for you.  This conjures up some scary thoughts in my head – imagine what else people could be ordering. How much worse can these fast food places really get?!  But on the other hand this could also be a good thing because maybe in some way you could order an item “healthified.” Who knows really but if you are interested in more of these so called “hidden menu” items, I found this link that contains a whole bunch of things. Some make me cringe, others aren’t so bad (hello Naked sandwiches at Popeye’s means they don’t add the breading to the meat!).



  1. Yum! That pizza looks delicious! My mom used to make her own pizza crust and I definitely didn't appreciate it back then as much as I should have either.

    You're brother is nuts!! But I wish these fast food places would advertise their healthier options better!

  2. ahhh i need some pizza! its beeen a whileee!

  3. That pizza looks amazing! I love the fresh basil leaves right on top. :) As for Old McDonald's Farm Sandwich? Grosseoso.

  4. Oh my goodness- I LOVE barley soup. It looks so good. Yesterday I walked into my office, and went to put my lunch into the fridge & my boss had this vegetable & barley soup just sitting there..I was like YUM!!! So of course I had to make something with barley last night for dinner- it got me craving it :)

  5. "McDonalds Farm Sandwich"... HAHAHAHAHAHA! your brother has a great sense of humour! Love it ;)

  6. That MCD sandwich is scary!! (and also strangely creative )

  7. That burger looks disgusting! haha, like a heart attack waiting to happen! Lol