Friday, November 12, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Days

It’s been a long time since I last posted! Here we go…..


I made a big booboo. I was so exhausted from FNCE that I ended up sleeping through an interview for a volunteer internship! Luckily I was able to reschedule for so I quickly got ready, grabbed some food, and was off for the day.

DSC01283  Got this from the expo. Halfway through I started thinking it was gross….

I’m crossing my fingers that I get the internship for the spring. I should find out by Thanksgiving, then I’ll let you know all about it :)

By the time I got back from school hours later I was starving and dove into some cheese and crackers.

DSC01286 Havarti with dill. Yum but the kind I get when I go to Vermont is way better!

Oh and my CPR card finally came! Officially CPR certified for the next two years :)

I didn’t end up leaving for NY until 7 so it was really dark but at least the traffic had lightened up by then. On my way I randomly decided to run a 5k with my cousin as incentive to try get myself going with this whole running goal. I had started a couple weeks ago but kind of fell off the wagon the past 2 weeks :/


I woke up bright and early to have a good breakfast before the 5k.

DSC01287 Bagel-thin w/ Barney butter (sample from the expo) and smashed blueberries, Coffee

DSC01288 The idea of smashing the blueberries was so much better looking in my head haha

5 minutes later my cousin called and said he was too sick to go. And me being me, I wussed out on going by myself. I’ve never done a race before and need some support. However, he said that there is one next month when I come home which he will run with me and my brother is going to do it too! So now I’m actually going to be able to train instead of randomly trying to run it.

So instead of that I spent all day trying to do doing homework.  It was kind of difficult.

DSC01292 Lena just wanted to sleep on me. All 64 lbs of her.


DSC01296 “What mom?”

Eventually I had some of my mom’s homemade kielbasa soup. I love coming home to mom’s meals :)


And dinner later was eggplant parm! She was so smart and made it a few weeks ago so the rest of the eggplant from my dad’s garden wouldn’t go to waste. Then she froze a bunch.



Breakfast – Pumpkin Banana Bread that I made last night topped with Teddie unsalted peanut butter.  I used the recipe from Rebecca at Balanced Health and Nutrition


Now for the main point of me coming home this weekend. My appointment to do my teeth impressions for Invisalign! It took much longer than I thought it would because they kept having to re-do them. My jaw was so sore afterwards because it just kept having to be pried open. Not comfortable at all but there were no complaints from me – I just want to get it already! They are sending out the impressions this week and I will find out if I can actually get Invisalign next month. It’s pretty cool because they are going to scan them impressions to make a 3D image on the computer, then I will be able to watch a virtual movie of how my teeth will shift in the process and what the end result will be. I was almost tempted to take a picture of my teeth for the blog but I refrained from doing so. Too scary haha!

I also got some other errands done including finally getting my oil changed and my car washed. It’s been a long time! I also picked up a long sleeve shirt for running so I don’t wuss out in the cold.

And lunch was another pumpkin masterpiece. Except that my mom made it. And it was actually dessert :)


Time to try out my new shirt! TGIF folks!


  1. oh man, i want to find some havarti with dill. that sounds awesome. and i don't like the luna protein bars either. so chalky. dont' ever try the cherry flavor. ICK.

  2. Awwe! Lena looks so snuggly. All 64 pounds of her. :) And I love that you put smashed blueberries on your bagel, I've never even heard of that. Sounds delish though!

  3. I completely agree with you about the Luna protein bars...I LOVE the original version so much that when the protein version hit the market, I bought an entire box. Ooops. Lesson learned: always sample one before you buy 12!

    Your mom's meals and pie look wonderful!

  4. I'm glad FNCE was a blast!! :) The smashed blueberries look good to me...LOVE bb's!

    My co-worker has Invisalign....loves it!

    And fingers crossed on the internship! Keep us posted :)!