Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No Time

I’m stressed to the max right now and really shouldn’t even be spending time writing up a post but it’s been a while and I miss my blog. And I’m really behind on reading others blogs too but I just don’t have the time right now with impending assignments due.

Friday dinner: Mac n’ Cheese, Fish, and Asparagus. Delicious.


Saturday: OIAJ kind of morning.



Spent the day with my mom at the spa getting massages and then shopping! Then it was off to game night with my brothers and sisters-in-law. Chili for dinner. We played siblings vs others for catch phrase. My brothers and I dominated. Then we played a couple rounds of Uno and I never won.





Back to Boston on Sunday. Saw Skyline with Raf before he headed back to school.

Monday – the start of a crazy week. At some point I had a delicious fruit salad of kiwi and apple.


I spent most of the day volunteering for Fitness Forward and then I went to class at night. We snacked on various “cultural foods” that classmates brought which was nice.

Today I had my first microwaved scrambled egg because I had no pan to cook them in. It was fast and tasted fine. Not great but hey that’s what you get for using a microwave.


I spent my morning volunteering with Fitness Forward again. This time I remembered some pictures. Here are the posters we use to teach the kids.






Back to work now!

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  1. those posters look great- colorful and very kid friendly!

    Hope whatever is keeping you so busy slows down a but so you can fit in some time to relax and recharge :)