Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I’m Addicted to the Kitchen

Since I spent so many long hours yesterday doing school work, today I spent a good chunk of time in the kitchen. Oh it was lovely. But first let me tell you all my exciting news! I will be doing my first (and second) 5k in December! My first will be in Michigan on Dec. 11 while I’m out visiting a potential internship program and my family who live out there. It’s called Run Like the Dickens and I will be running it with my aunt, uncle, and cousin! My second will be in Albany on Dec. 18. It’s called Albany Last Run and it goes through the holiday lights in the park. I’m sure it will be beautiful and I’m running that one with another cousin and my brother! I’m so excited :) I ran 1.5 miles yesterday and today to start preparing. ~3 weeks and counting…… Check out my pretty new running shirt that I got at TJ Maxx last weekend:


So what have I been up to in the kitchen you ask? Well yesterday I actually whipped up a big batch of pumpkin yogurt and some homemade pumpkin butter. I had some pumpkin butter on toast last night. Yum. And used some pumpkin yogurt on oatmeal this morning. Yum.




Today I decided on two delicious recipes from other bloggers that I just couldn’t pass up. “Tortellini Tomato Spinach Soup” from Kristy and “Cranberry Apple Bread” from Courtney (I also used her homemade pumpkin butter recipe up above.) I did however switch up the all purpose flour to whole wheat.





What a delicious and fulfilling day :)

I also spent some time at Simmons Radio Station learning the ins and outs because next semester I will be starting a Nutrition Talk Show! I will have a ton on my plate though so I’ve recruited some people and hopefully will get a few more so we can alternate hosting duties each week. I just have so many things that I want to do! If only I could make days more than 24 hours…… or be able to run on no sleep, that would be interesting.

Happy Hump Day!

Any tips on getting ready for my 5k(s)?


  1. You're gonna rock your 5K!! :-)
    I've always wanted to run the last 5K through the park, maybe I will sign up for that!

  2. I want to make everything in this post! I'm particularly excited for the pumpkin butter. That sounds amazing!

    Good luck on your 5k, you'll do great! My advice is stretch, don't rush (except for maybe that last mile...) and stretch after! Good luck :)

  3. Woohoo for the 5K! My post today is all about what to wear when running, and I'm loving your new running shirt!

  4. I love your new running shirt. I wouldn't have known it was athletic gear. That tortelini soup looks awesome too.

    Tips for your 5K
    Don't start off too fast, it's not a far distance but it's still 3 miles. You don't want to sprint the whole thing.
    Don't do anything different on race day that you don't do when preparing for it
    Have fun!

  5. I love devoting rainy weekends to the kitchen! I love trying out new recipes!!

  6. I love your new running shirt! I need one like that. My tip for the 5ks? Have fun!! You'll be amazing!

  7. Speed work is helpful! Like 400 meter repeats. I hate them, but they work for short race prep!

    Glad you enjoyed time in the kitchen! What internship program are you visiting in MI? :)

  8. Thank you everyone for the support and tips!

    Nicole- I'm going to check out the internship program at MSU. I actually have a cousin there for undergrad and her family about an hour away so I'll be spending the weekend with them :)

  9. Wow, girl, you've made some delicious meals lately! Yumyumyum! The soup looks wonderful!

    A nutrition talk show sounds like a lot of fun! Can't wait to hear more about it!

    Have a great Friday!