Monday, November 22, 2010

The Second Deadly Sin

I only have one thing to present to you from my weekend of gluttony.



Now we weren’t able to finish it (which is definitely a good thing) but I stuffed myself at multiple meals this weekend and just felt awful every time. Why did I do that to myself? A couple others recently have been posting about recommitting to their healthy lifestyle and I knew exactly what they were talking about. Monday comes around and I see the light.  The questions remains: Will I be able to continue with this recommitment to health with Thanksgiving looming? I hope so.

Nonetheless today turned out to be productive. Though my eating was again abysmal, but in a different way. I couldn’t wake up and therefore left the house without eating in order to make it to my meeting on time. By 5 pm, I was running on the fumes of a large Caramel Macchiato (yes large because it was from my school coffee shop), ~1/2 cup of cantaloupe, and a mini kit-kat. I did however have 2 successful meetings, got some medical records faxed, requested transcripts, hit up the post office and bank, and checked in on the cats I’m kitty sitting. All in a days work. No wait, my day wasn’t over. I still had homework and a virtual meeting. Okay now done.

I tried to fit in some healthy eats.

DSC01343 Leftover salmon, cauliflower, and yellow squash. OJ


DSC01347 Plain 0% Chobani w/ a heap of homemade pumpkin butter

I may or may not have devoured a bunch of tostones too.

And I tried a persimmon. It was a Fuyu? Didn’t like it.


I haven’t run since Friday. I plan on tackling that tomorrow since my day should *fingers crossed* be less hectic.

How are you planning on dealing with the feast that is Thanksgiving? Indulge or moderation?


  1. Wow, it sounds like you had a busy day! It's always a good feeling getting things crossed off the to-do list though, so at least you can have that peace of mind!

    I'm planning on indulging this Thanksgiving. For me, the problem is that there are always too many choices! Even if I take tiny servings of everything, I'll still end up with an entire plate full of food! I'm going to try to eat lighter and cleaner for the next few days in preparation of the feast though!

  2. holy moly that is the biggest chunk of cake EVER!!! i'm trying to balance it out with lots of exercise and clean eating before and after :)

  3. Yes, sign me up, that dessert looks amazing! I know the feeling of overindulging and thinking WHY did I do that? But live and learn right?

    For thanksgiving, I'm going to do my best to eat as normal as possible by keeping everything in moderation and listening to my body when I'm full. (Because a second piece of pie will NOT taste any different than the first!)

  4. That dessert was the size of your head!! Looks like my kind of dinner-ender :)

    I absolutely LOVE thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday of the year. I _adore_ my mom's cooking and just can't wait to stand in the kitchen all day with her. Love!

  5. is that ice cream cake?! it looks incredible...
    anyway--for thanksgiving the only thing I really go crazy over is the desserts...I plan on having a little bit of each of the desserts I love, just so I can satisfy my sweet tooth! I know if I deprive myself I would go crazy!!! ;-)

  6. That first dessert looks mighty tasty, so we'll take a close second... ;) Thanks for having dessert with us!

    Communications Manager
    Chobani Greek Yogurt

  7. @ everyone - Yes that is one huge piece of ice cream cake. It was at Joe's American grill and is called the Charles River Pie with coffee ice cream, cookie base, fudge, whip cream, and almonds. We weren't expecting it to be that big!

  8. It only comes once a indulge it is!

  9. FU*K, i love gluttony. im a gluttonist for your sinful gluttony lol <3 <3

  10. oh my gosh! i could have eaten that entire dessert by myself! YUMMMM