Friday, March 11, 2011

A Week Into My New Job & A New Restaurant

It’s Friday, which means I’ve officially been working for my brother’s business for a week. Best week ever! :) Didn’t realize I got a new job? Just check it out here: Yup I’m working on marketing hehe. I’m actually really sad to be going back to school because I’ve been enjoying myself so much. I guess I’m just lucky to be working side by side with my big bro (and sis-in-law and her brother! FAMILY BUSINESS!) Thanks, Mike :)

While I do have several weeks of school left, I will be back to the studio this summer and I can’t wait. But until then………I head back to Boston on Sunday. Not quite ready for the second half of spring semester. 8 weeks…..2 months………Let me just wipe the perspiration off my forehead right now! It is amazing how fast 2 years went in all honesty.  I mean I’m going to have a Master’s degree in 2 months. That’s just insane. Ya know what else is going by fast? Waiting to hear about dietetic internships. There’s only about 3 weeks left until judgment day! Eek!

Now instead of looking forward, let’s look back for a second.  Today I made my way across the street to Park Falafel and Pizza for lunch. If you are thinking that is such a strange name for a restaurant, I agree.  Well I get the Park part because I actually didn’t cross a street, I crossed a small park (really small park) to get to it. My brother’s studio is actually on Park Place (hello Monopoly!). But I just don’t get the combination of Falafel and Pizza. Anyway, this restaurant is fairly new in Hudson. It is completely vegetarian and kosher, as well as following Halal standards (Muslim dietary code).  Good thing I picked this place considering it’s Friday in Lent = no meat! I went with the Salad Tasting Plate which lets you pick 3 salads. I chose Tabbouleh, Beet Root Salad, and Israeli Cucumber Salad.  It also comes with falafel, pita, and pickles & olives.


I didn’t catch the pita in the picture but this was a lot of food! I ended up not being able to finish it all and was still full for over 5 hours! Let me just say that I WILL be going back to this place. I loved it! I’m glad I got the taster plate because all the salads were so good it would have been hard to choose just one.  This restaurant really is perfect - It’s so close to the studio and right next to the park. Maybe in the summer I’ll even eat out on one of the park benches, soaking up the sun :)

Off to dreamland now, Goodnight!


  1. Yum, that place looks really different and good!

  2. I'm sending good-luck dietetic internship vibes your way!!

    I LOVE Mediterranean food! Your lunch looks delicious. :-)

    p.s. any news about a future DC move?

  3. wow that salad looks fabulous! I wish we had more cool places to eat like that around here.

    Good luck with the rest of the semester, I'm right there with ya..ready to be done!!

  4. I think it would be so much fun to work with family. My friend and I were talking today, dreaming about opening up a bakery together :) Work should be fun, right!? :)

    P.S. That salad looks AMAZING!!!