Friday, March 25, 2011

Vegan week ends with a trip to ANCE

Vegan week was mighty successful I think.  Most of the time it wasn’t difficult, though the other day I really wanted an omelet. But since I couldn’t, I switched it up from hot cereal to toast. Covered 2 slices of Ezekiel 4:9 with some Teddie and a sliced banana. Another good choice.


Perhaps more amazing however was my form of a Mango Lassi.  I had some leftover mango from a failed fruit tasting table (for NNM at Simmons) so I threw about 1/2 cup in the blender with 3/4 cup vanilla almond milk and voila.


Utterly delicious. Well not exactly “utterly” since it wasn’t cows’ milk but you get the picture. Man I am just throwing out all kinds of bad jokes lately ;)

I’ve come to the conclusion though that often I will eat vegan without even realizing it. I was just conscious of the effort this week.  But in all reality if I were to give myself a label, it would be flexitarian. Most of the time I’m an ovo-lacto-pesca-vegetarian. Yeah that’s almost everything. But I do eat meat on occasion (more often when I’m at my parents house than in Boston but no big deal).

Next week I’m thinking of trying the FODMAPS approach.  It’s a diet that I’ve been seeing around the online community lately.  I’ll go into more explanation when I start it.

In other news, my first delivery from Boston Organics came yesterday!


In my parcel came apples, black radishes, beets, sunchokes, purple potatoes, onions, cabbage, celeriac, and parsnips!  With all those roots vegetables and the crazy sometimes snow/really cold weather we had yesterday, I decided the first order of business was soup.


So I made (vegan) root veggie soup. Mostly organic. Mostly local. A few extra things from the fridge thrown in there. It wasn’t that great though so I’m not including the recipe. I’ve also got like 3 containers of it in the fridge/freezer to use up. Oh boy.

And lastly, today was the Massachusetts Dietetic Association Annual Nutrition Conference and Expo – that’s ANCE! I only slept about 4 hours last night after finally deciding what to wear so I’m running on coffee and fumes right now. I went to lectures on nutrition games, school and community based intervention programs, entrepreneurship, and social media. All were fantastic! The food wasn’t that great though. I ended up with a stomach ache after lunch :(



Maybe it’s because I ended vegan week with fish and sparse vegetables coated in butter. ick.

But look how awesome we look anyway (besides the fact that it’s a blurry picture).




What’s your favorite vegan dish? I absolutely loved the couscous I made the other day and will be making that over and over from now on!


  1. I would label myself as a ovo-lacto-pesca-vegetarian most of the time too! My favorite vegan dish...hmm Ill have to get back to you on that one, although I have had some pretty amazing vegan cupcakes in my day!

  2. I find that I mostly eat vegan as well, I just hate to call myself "vegan" because I don't restrict myself! I will have cheese, eggs, and sOME meat every now and then! Oh and fish!

  3. Like you, I think I eat more vegan (or semi-vegan) meals than I realize! I love bean-based soups and salads, as well as tofu or tempeh mixed with quinoa or polenta. I don't think I could ever go completely meat/dairy-free though...I love cheese way too much!

    One of my favorite vegan recipes is Coconut Curry Soup with Tofu.

  4. Couscous is always a great dish to make! I love quinoa too, such a great grain to make as a side dish or main :D