Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I’ve really got to start taking more/better pictures.

This week has been crazy, absolutely nuts. I can’t even explain. I’ve been eating a lot of meals out of my lunchbox is all I’ve got to say. Well not really. But the main staple of my diet this week: peanut butter and banana sandwiches of various degrees



Well the last one was actually made into french toast, yeah I’m fancy. It happened to have been Saturday (I think) so I had extra time.

So no I did not start the FODMAPS experiment yet, that will have to wait. I’ll be feeling really sick which I think is due to my stress but a certain RD friend of mine suggested maybe I didn’t get enough protein last week during my Vegan week. Who knows, it’s quite possible. Either way I’ve been plagued by headaches and nausea for about a week now on and off. Not fun stuff when I’m trying to cram work.

I did take time for one very special thing that I had been working on since before National Nutrition Month even started (I’m so sad it’s ending!). Simmons Nutrition Department will often show food-related movies but we’ve all seen Food, Inc and King Corn more than enough times. I wanted something fresh! And so I found Fresh. It’s like a continuation from Food, Inc. showing what you can do AFTER you realize how bad industrialized farming is. It featured many great and interesting people including an urban farmer, a sustainable farmer, and a local supermarket owner. I highly recommend visiting the website and finding a screening of it (it’s still new so it’s not freely available on DVD yet).

Watch the trailer here:



Question: Have you seen Food Inc, King Corn, or Fresh? Any thoughts about what you’ve seen/heard?


  1. I saw Food Inc and it forever changed my thoughts about the mass food industry (especially corn!). Hope you are feeling better!

  2. I wish I could come see that movie with you guys - it looks so good! (I have some Accounting business to attend to for my biz, though). As for you feeling sick - I'm sure it has to do with stress... especially since match day is coming up!!

  3. I have only seen food, inc but would love to see the other two. Are those mini peppers by the sandwich? I have a huge bag of them and have been eating them like crazy, love them!!

  4. I'm excited to read about your experiments with FODMAPs. I think the sooner you start the better you'll feel, hopefully :) But your RD friend may have been right about not getting enough protein when you did a vegan challenge for a while.

    I want to see Fresh! I have not heard of it and I loved both the other movies (King Korn and Food Inc.) so I bet I would like Fresh!!