Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Preparing for travel & Praying there’s no snow


So I ended up coming back to Boston in the morning (instead of Sunday night). It was nice to actually get to spend some time with Raf since I actually hadn’t seen him much over the weekend. Most of the time he was out hunting with my dad and brother so they got to see him more than I did!

As soon as I got back I tried one of the new yogurts that was on sale on Peapod – Wallaby Down Under Organic

DSC01428 Chocolate flavored!

I’ll stick with Chob from now on thanks ;)

I spent much of the day finishing up school work (1 week!) Nothing too exciting.

DSC01429  Cambell’s Chicken & Brown Rice Soup

DSC01431 Brussel sprouts and ravioli with sauce

DSC01432 Look at those beauties!


Today was a lot of preparation for my upcoming trip. First I overslept because I forgot to turn my alarm on. Oh well – I needed the sleep anyway! Then I had a nice bowl of apple oatmeal.

DSC01435 With a scoop of Teddie p.b. of course!

DSC01436 Only half the apple made it into the oatmeal since I inhaled the first half right away :)

Then it was time for school. I have a final presentation Monday night and my group and I our trying to finish up our paper as well as the presentation. The project? A nutrition/physical activity program for an elementary school in Chelsea. A major part of our project is actually implementing the ReCharge! program that’s part of NFL Play 60. It seems really great and we are hoping the school goes for it.

Then it was lunch before errands. I was in the mood for the incredible edible egg.

DSC01437 Egg on sandwich thin with spinach and hummus.


DSC01439 Oh look, some papaya as well!

The major part of my errands was stopping at AAA. Raf told me I should get some real maps from them of every state I’m traveling through. MA. Check. VT. Check. NY. Check. Canada!? Check. MI. Check. That’s a whole lotta maps. I’m pretty nervous about all the snow hullaballoo going on but I won’t be traveling alone so hopefully everything goes well. Pray that it’s clear weather for me!

Then I tried to go out for a run (my first 5k is on Saturday!). It was so cold and I just felt awful. My calves hurt tremendously because I was stupid enough to do a bunch of plyometrics Monday and not stretch them out. I only made it 2 miles. Not sure if I’m going to get another run in before Saturday with all my driving around. Oh and the 2nd 5k that I was supposed to do next weekend in Albany? Yeah it sold out and I didn’t pre-register. I was really looking forward to running with my brother and cousin too! This whole running thing is not working out too well for me. Maybe there was a reason I quit track after 8th grade? Hmmmm……

DSC01441 Some avocados had to be used up so I made guac. Yes those are my Food Should Taste Good Chips but I don’t want to review until I’ve tried all the flavors. These multigrain ones I’ve had before!

DSC01442 Dinner was an odd combination of sauteed mushrooms, green beans, and tuna.

DSC01444 Delicious clementines for dessert. I could eat a million!

Anybody else surprised by Ada on Biggest Loser tonight? I love that she was so determined in the marathon but couldn’t believe she didn’t make top 2! I voted for her (as you should too!) because I really want to see her in the top 3 for the finale next week.

I’ve got my bags packed and maps ready. Vermont, I’ll see you tomorrow. Michigan, I’ll see you Thursday :)


  1. Dang it! My DVR didn't record BL :( I knew it was on last night. Gr, gr, gr!!!

    Safe travels! I hope the weather cooperates!

  2. I'm totally surprised by Ada! I never vote for these things but my husband and I were so surprised that we actually broke out the phones and texted so that she would win over the slacker!!

    PS - why are you traveling? Is it for school? For the holidays? For s*** and giggles? ;)

  3. @ Nicole - I'm pretty sure they put the full episode of BL on the NBC website a couple days after it airs. Or maybe even hulu.

    @ Rachel - I'm combining a school trip and visiting family. I'm going to meet the internship director at MSU plus my cousin is actually a senior there/her parents only live an hour away. Haven't seen them all in about a year so figured it was worth the visit!

  4. So many of my favorite foods on this post! I am addicted to clementines lately, they truly are sweet enough for a dessert. I'm also about to roast some brussel sprouts, yum, AND I think I may do an egg sandwich for dinner!! Love em'.

  5. I love the "Foods Should Taste Good" chips!

    Good luck on the run. My best advice is just not to worry too much about it, have fun and give it your all!

  6. Ada ROCKED that marathon. I was so proud of her! I already voted for her, so I'm glad you did, too!

  7. Ok, you inspired me to go out and get a papaya. I'd never had a fresh one before!